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Metamood is a term used by psychologists to refer to an individual’s awareness of their emotions. It can be described as being caught up in any emotion and then becoming aware that you are being swept away by it.

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Metamood is the name given to the process of being aware of your emotions and how they are affecting you. It’s a specific form of self-awareness focused on emotions and feelings and the impact they have on individuals.

Awareness of your moods and how they affect you helps self-regulation, and other things.

The ability to step beyond your emotions (meta means beyond) and think about them abstractly, no longer in their thrall, is a hugely helpful tool individuals can use when they are in complex and emotional situations.

By becoming aware of the emotions you are feeling and the impacts they are having on you, it’s possible to observe a situation more dispassionately and take actions and make decisions that may lead to better outcomes in the longer term.

Put simply, awareness of you emotions, their signs and the impacts they have on you makes it easier to manage them, overcome them if necessary and make more rational, helpful decisions.

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Developing an awareness of your emotions is hugely important. The ability to recognize the onset of a particular emotion and how it affects you is the first step in the process of being able to manage your emotions. And managing your emotions effectively and healthily is an already essential and increasingly important skill in the world of work.

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