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Team Name and Logo (Icebreaker Activity)

The team name and logo activity is a simple, team-building ice-breaker that can be used for medium to large groups. In it, groups spend time sharing unique facts about themselves then collectively create a team name and logo that reflects who they are as a team.

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Team Name and Logo

This icebreaker activity is good for events where participants will be working together in groups at their tables over a longer period of time. It works by getting individuals to introduce themselves to each other and share some unique facts about themselves. The groups then use these facts as the inspiration from which to come up with a team name and from which to create a team logo.

Teams come up with all kinds of great things.

The Activity

The facilitator starts the activity by ensuring that all of the participants are evenly spread across tables, or are in evenly sized groups. The best group size for this event is between 8 and 10.

Once the groups are created, the facilitator asks each table or group to spend a few minutes getting to know each other by introducing themselves and sharing an interesting or unique fact about themselves. As the groups are introducing themselves, the facilitator provides each table with a flip chart and some pens.

Some teams put a lot of effort into their logos!

Once all the tables have finished their conversations, the facilitator asks each table to come up with a team name and team symbol or badge based on their unique or interesting facts, and to draw their logo and name on their flip-chart.

Once they have done this, the facilitator asks them to share their names and badges with the rest of the room. The teams will be referred to by these names for the remainder of the time that they are working together.

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This is a nice activity that helps small groups get to know each other, that can bring some good humor to events and which can help form teams quickly. It’s very useful for events or activities where groups will work together over the course of a day or longer.

From a facilitator perspective, this activity is good because it is simple to lead, requires no preparation and achieve good results.

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