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Summer Seminar Series 2020

Leading Intentionally: Moving forwards in times like these” is a series of six, hour-long, online seminars designed to help leaders and managers move into the second half of 2020 with confidence…

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What Is it?

The World of Work Summer Seminar Series is a programme of six, weekly, 55-minute online seminars that will help you:

  • Explore how you want to lead,
  • Understand where you are as a team,
  • lay the foundations for successful working as a team, and
  • Move forward with confidence into Autumn 2020.

When is it?

Each Thursday at 1pm UK time (8am ET, 8pm China), James and Jane work through a topic that will help you be better at your role as manager of people and/or projects.

Who is it for?

  • Hard-working and ambitious managers of people and/or projects, with at least a couple of years management experience who want to do the best job possible in supporting the people around them to do well.
  • Leaders and managers who are thinking about how their teams or projects will emerge from this period of disruption, and who are not sure how to get themselves and their teams or projects from here to a better place with better ways of working.
  • Individuals who are passionate about learning and open to trying new ways of leading and managing, but who have limited time and budget to make things happen quickly.

What is the focus?

Topics are chosen with managers of small or medium sized teams and projects in mind, but are relatable for everyone and anyone who is always looking to improve their ways of working.

The summer theme is focussed on helping you lead yourself and your team or projects out of this disrupted six months and into a better place from September 2020 .

What are the topics?

This summer the topics are:

What have previous attendees said?

We’ve not delivered this exact series before, but consistently get great feedback from participants:

  • “The material was not what I expected because it was even better than I imagined and I expected good content! It was so robust, and so considered from all kinds of angles and impacts” – Online Seminar Participant, March 2020
  • “If you want to develop yourself and others James and Jane are the ones to get involved with. Well worth investing in” – Spring Seminars Season Pass Holder, June 2020
  • “Really practical advice and guidance that I was able to apply straight away in interactions with staff I line manage and work side by side with” – Online Seminar Participant, March 2020
  • James & Jane have a great breadth and depth of knowledge – there was a lot of behavioural psychology which was great and grounded a typically quite fluffy topic in science” – Workshop Attendee, January 2020

How can I attend the seminars?

You can buy tickets to the individual seminars via our eventbrite page for £19.50 each (plus an eventbrite fee).

What do I get with a Season Pass?

This pass provides a seat for you at each session AND a free seat at each seminar for a guest, or seminar buddy of your choosing, so you can include a colleague or friend.

Pass-holders will also receive access to a recording of each session for their own use for one month following the session.

Why is the price so low?

It is low, isn’t it!?

Tickets for all six seminars would cost £117, the additional “buddy” ticket for each £117, the learning lists and support content would be around £54 and the two peer learning sessions £50. That’s a total of £339 of content, all for a £95 season pass.

We keep our costs low because we are passionate about making leadership development and management training more accessible. We do this by delivering online, in shorter form sessions or seminars and by having group sizes a little bigger.

Like what you’ve read? Grab your seat here.

Can I buy spaces for multiple people from my organization?

Absolutely. We are always delighted when organisations do this because learning done together is really powerful. In fact, we offer a group rate to encourage it. You can purchase access for six people for £250. This includes access for to all six seminars for six people, learning lists and the peer learning sessions. This is a great way to invest in your people and create a coherent response to developing your organisation in times like these.

Please contact us for more information.

A big thank you

We love what we do, we love working with people and we love helping to make a difference to individuals and organizations. We know we’re only able to do it thanks to everyone who participants in what we do, so we just wanted to say a big thank you from both of us…

James and Jane talk about the upcoming Summer Seminar Series

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