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Who You Are: You are a current or aspiring manager of a team who cares about executing your role well, supporting your team and delivering great work. You are facing the need for change in your team and/or the work you do.

What You Want: You are looking to create, implement or manage significant change in your team or organization. You want to do it well, remain mindful of the needs of your team and organization and deliver the change successfully while feeling in control of the process and as much as possible, the outcomes. You want to avoid the most common mistakes made when leading change and demonstrate great management practice on a limited time and budget.

What are Some Challenges: Organizational change can be complex and confusing, and attempting to lead your team through it can be difficult, daunting and emotionally tiring. In addition, you may not be control of some or all elements of the change and not have much knowledge of common change management approaches, challenges and opportunities.

Why This Course: This course will help you develop the knowledge, insight and skills needed to successfully plan organizational changes within your team or organization, and to deliver them with confidence, while supporting your team throughout the process, meeting their needs wherever possible and emerging with a thriving team culture.

What You Will Learn: The lessons in this course are structured around three blocks of knowledge: 1 – Processes and Procedures for leading organizational change, 2 – the emotions and psychological journey people experience when going through organizational change and 3 – organizational cultures and how to influence them towards change.

How You Will Learn: Throughout this course your instructors, Jane and James, share real life examples from their varied careers to help bring the theories and guidance to life. They explain several theories of change, provide activities that will help you consolidate and personalize your learning and offer both of their perspectives on what has worked for well them in the past.

They also share some of the critical thinking that exists in relation to change theories to ensure you have rounded knowledge and the insights to shape the way that you lead change. All this will ensure you can manage and lead change in an assured, informed, intentional and human way.

Why It Is Different: James and Jane are unique in their approach to improving peoples experience and execution of work. Drawing on their very different careers paths in financial and professional services (James) and small non-profits (Jane), they are able to provide contrasting approaches, diverse ideas and learning and a friendly, supportive dynamic.

I can’t recommend World of Work Project sessions enough. Sign up, they are so worth it! I got so much out it…Especially as I’ve got a team session coming up on a tough topic.”

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