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2021 Summer Seminars

World of Work Summer Seminar Series: six, weekly, online seminars to help you have a better work life, and to help others to do the same.

2021 Summer Seminar Series

The Season pass buys you access to all six of our summer seminars AND get a free guest pass to invite a seminar buddy to each.

What Is it?

Our The World of Work Summer Seminar Series is a programme of six, weekly, online seminars on topics designed to inform and support you to have a better work-life and supporting others to do the same.

When is it?

Each Tuesday at 1pm UK time (8am EST), for six weeks, James and Jane work through a topic that will help you improve your experience of work and help others to do the same.

What is the theme?

The summer 2021 theme is the role of stories in work. It’s focused on helping you to understand and challenge some of the most unhelpful myths about successful work and management. Doing this will help you take more ownership of your work and career experience, improve your focus and execution of work and adopt more positive practices for a more fulfilling working experience.

Who is it For?

Topics are chosen with people who are passionate about their own personal development, and the personal development of their teams and colleagues. Managers of small teams and projects will find it particularly useful, but the seminars are relatable to everyone and anyone who is always looking to improve their ways of working.

What are the topics?

This summer the topics are:

Season Pass Savings

You can choose to attend an individual seminar or buy a Season Pass to all 6 seminars. This pass provides a seat for you at each online seminar AND a free seat at each seminar for a guest, or “seminar buddy”, of your choosing, so you can include a colleague or friend. Passholders will also receive access to a recording of each seminar for their own use for two extra months.

Where Cost is a Barrier

For every Summer Seminar, we have a number of free tickets available where cost is a barrier. These are released in the days prior to the seminar, on our eventbrite page for that particular seminar.

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