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Series 4

Series 4 of The World of Work Podcast was recorded in April 2019. It’s a series of interviews focused on Organizational Culture and Engagement, and includes an extra episode on the process of becoming a coach.

The Episodes

E031: Organizational Culture & Engagement

With Guest: Darrin Murriner

In this episode we explore the concepts of organizational culture and employee engagement with Darrin Murriner, a Cincinnati based co-founder of Cloverleaf and author of the book, “Corporate Bravery“.

E032: Organizational Design

With Guest: Jane Garza

In this episode we explore the world of organizational design with Jane Garza, a Los Angeles based advisor, coach and organizational designer with NOBL Collective.

E033: Sentiment Analysis

With Guest: Andy Roberts

In this episode we explore the how to measure culture and engagement, specifically considering sentiment analysis, with Andy Roberts, a Wrexham based entrepreneur and software developer who’s the founder of Weekly10, a culture and employee engagement platform.

E034: Predictive Analytics

With Guest: Kristina Dorniak-Wall

In this episode we discuss predictive analytics and how they are used in the world of HR with Kristina Dorniak-Wall, a Melbourne based senior people scientist at CultureAmp.

E035: Feedback and Feedback Culture

With Guest: Joe Hirsch

In this episode we discuss the role that feedback plays in organizational cultures with Joe Hirsch, a Dallas based consultant and speaker, and author of “The Feedback Fix“.

E036: Organizational Maturity

With Guest: Stuart Woollard

In this episode, we broaden our discussion away from organizational culture and start to consider organizational impact and concepts of responsible business. Our conversation is with Stuart Woollard, an accountant, academic, managing partner of Organizational Maturity Services LLP and co-author of “The Mature Corporation“.

E037: Becoming a Coach

With Guest: Gillian McMichael

This bonus episode doesn’t fit with the core content of the series. In it we discuss the process of becoming a coach with Gillian McMicahel, an ICF Master Coach and founder of Full Circle Global, an international coaching consultancy.

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