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The World of Work Podcast is hosted by James and Jane, who are both really interested in all things related to work. They’re specifically interested in how it affects people, its role in society, how to make it better and where it’s heading in the future.

James and Jane are not experts in all the areas they discuss, but consider themselves to be informed amateurs. Perhaps the best way to think of them is as genuine “fans” who like to discuss and learn about the subjects they explore.

Becoming a guest

If you would like to be a guest on the podcast, please use the contact form in the “contact us” section of our website to get in touch with us.

It’s worth noting that we typically plan our podcast series several months in advance, and that we generally only record guest based episodes where the guests topics align with our planned series.

That said, we’re always pleased to hear from people interested in being on our show.

Our interview based episodes

Interview based episodes of The World of Work Podcast all feature a guest and are often recorded remotely. We aim for these episodes to be 45 minutes long, being about 30-40 minutes of interview based content book-ended by an introduction and an outro.

Our interview based episodes all cover roughly the same key points / structure:

  • Who is the guest,
  • What is the topic,
  • Why is it important,
  • Why does it matter for the audience,
  • What are key messages,
  • What can the audience do differently as a result of the content,
  • How can the audience find out more, and
  • How can the audience contact the speaker.

Focus on content, not promotion

The primary focus of our interview based episodes is to explore and share interesting ideas and concepts so that our audience (and we) can learn more about them. Generally, our guests have  specific and relevant knowledge of these areas that they share in our conversations. While some promotion naturally occurs in our episodes, particularly at the start and end, the focus of our episodes is on content not promotion.

Preparing for the conversation

Most of our guests don’t really need to do much preparation for our conversations. We are informal and chatty and generally just discuss a topic, so there’s not much pre-work to do.

What we try and do though, is to share a few things with our guests in advance of a recording session to help make sure we’re all on the same page.

In the run up to the recording session we usually share a one page pdf with our guests providing a brief summary of why we are interested in the subject and why we think our listeners might be, as well as a list of potential questions that we might ask. These are just for guidance, and our conversations generally have a life of their own!

Our audience

We try and keep our audience in mind in what we do. We are just guessing at who they are though! The people we think we are speaking to fall into roughly five groups:

  1. Early to mid career individuals working in HR type roles
  2. Small, independent consultants looking to broaden their knowledge and offering
  3. Leaders of micro-organizations
  4. Students studying organizational psychology or business degrees,
  5. New or aspiring line managers in larger organizations

When we have our conversations, we try and keep this audience in mind and ask questions that we think will help them:

  • Learn something new and interesting that helps them think in a different way about the world,
  • Take away some thoughts, actions or inspiration that they can use in their work or life,
  • Feel like they’ve been part of an engaging and enthusiastic conversation, and
  • Feel connected and welcomed into a wider, inclusive community of people who share their interests.

Appearing as a guest

Once we’ve agreed to work with a guest we try and make the process as smooth and simple for them as possible. Our podcasting approach is very casual and our guests have all enjoyed our conversations.

Though we only record 30-40 minutes of conversation, we schedule 60 minutes sessions for each episode to allow for set up, some initial chat and a debrief as well.

We aim to record our conversations in a single take, including all the “ummmmss” and “ahhhhhs” of conversation! We don’t edit any of that stuff out. Of course, if we need to pause and record something again because of a chatty child, barking dog, sneezing fit or whatever it may be, that’s totally fine.

Because of the way we record we generally use audio only, so you don’t need to worry about your background or attire! We mainly use a program called “Zencastr” to record. It’s very user friendly. It works best on Chrome, and it doesn’t work on Firefox. It has a video feature that we use at the start of our recording sessions so we can all see each other, but we only use audio for our actual podcasts.

We’ll include a link to Zencastr in our invites to you, and all you should need to do is to click the link when the meeting starts. There’s a setting icon (gear) once you’re in Zencastr, and you might need to select your microphone / headphones in there once you log in.

The other requirement is that you’ll need to have reasonably fast internet for the recordings to work. The required upload speed is something like 1.5mbs/second. It’s also best practice to exit any applications that may make a noise and to disable any automated procedures on your laptop that do so.

While we love what we do, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. For us, a big marker of success from a recording sessions is having had some fun. We’re relaxed, friendly, interested in what we do and enjoy speaking to our guests. Our guests usually have a fun and interesting time too!

Production and release

Once we’ve recorded our conversations with our guests, we’ll listen back to the conversations then record our intro / outro. We then edit all of the audio files together into one recording which we load onto our podcast host and schedule for release. We don’t actually edit any of the conversations much at all though, we generally just go with what we’ve captured.

Once we’ve scheduled the episode for release, we’ll let you know the planned release date. These are generally six to eight weeks after recording. We’ll aim to let you know again closer to the time, but we don’t always manage to do this!


One thing we would ask, is that you help us promote the show on social media once it’s released. This is a great help to us in broadening the reach of what we are doing. We’ll promote and share the show, but help is always appreciated!

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