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How do our Twitter Chats Work?

We host a monthly, hour long twitter chat on the 4th Wednesday of each month, at 7pm UK time. We host and moderate these chats with our World of Work Podcast twitter account, “@TheWOWPodcast”. All of our chats are open to everyone on twitter, and you can follow and take part in them them using the hashtag: #WorldofWorkChat.

Each of our chats is based on a specific theme, and each chat consists of about six questions that we ask in relation to the theme over the course of the hour. We choose the questions we ask with the intention of being able to truly learn and develop our understanding of the subjects we’re exploring. We label our questions Q1, Q2 and so on and include the #WorldofWorkChat in all of our question tweets.

All you need to do to contribute to the conversation is to reply with your answers labeled A1, A2, and so on, and include the hashtag #WorldofWorkChat in each of your tweets, comments or replies.

We really encourage participants to engage with and reply to answers made by other participants. While our core driver for these chats is to help people explore interesting topics and to help build knowledge, we’d also like participants to feel part of an open and welcoming community of interest.

Guest Co-hosts

To help make our Twitter chats as insightful as possible, each chat is supported by a very small number of “Guest Co-hosts”, who are knowledgeable about the specific theme that the chat is covering. We engage with these participants in advance of the chat, get their thoughts on specific questions we should include and ask them to prepare a few answers to these questions to help get the chat going. Their role in the twitter chat itself is to help facilitate the conversations, as well as to share their knowledge and experience.

To say thank you to our Guest Co-hosts, and to help everyone get to know each other a bit more, the first question that we ask in each of our Twitter Chats is for these Guest Co-hosts to introduce themselves to the wider group. To learn more about what it’s like to be a lead participant, you can look at this PDF.

After the Chat

We capture each of our Twitter Chats as a Twitter “Moment”. These Twitter Moments are simply a way to capture the conversation that’s taken place and share it, so that people can reflect back on them at a later date, or so that those who haven’t been able to attend can benefit from the discussion.

To make it possible to create these Twitter moments, we really benefit from people making sure that they use the hashtag #WorldofWorkChat in each of their tweets and comments and making sure they label their answers in relation to the relevant question (A1, A2, etc)

Hints and Tips!

  • Follow the #WorldofWorkChat hashtag in your Twitter newsfeed to stay up to date with the conversation.
  • Make sure you include the #WorldofWorkChat hashtag in your answers and comments so that others can follow you and reply to you.
  • Remember to number your answers using A1, A2, etc. so that everyone knows which question your answers relate to!
  • We all develop our thinking over the course of conversations, so feel free to answer each question multiple times.
  • Remember, we’re all here to learn so please ask questions of each other as well as answering our questions!
  • To make sure that others can see your comments in the Twitter newsfeed, you need to unprotect your tweets. You can do this via the “settings and privacy” option followed by the “privacy and safety” option. You can always change your settings again after the chat,

Our Historic Twitter Chats

October 2019: Inclusion & Diversity

Twitter Moment: Twitter Chat 1: Twitter chat 1 – Inclusion & Diversity

November 2019: Wellbeing

Twitter Moment: Twitter Chat 2 – Wellbeing

December 2019: N/a

We took a break for the holidays!

January 2020: Motivation

Twitter Moment: Twitter Chat 3 – Motivation

February 2020: Career Transitions

Twitter Moment: Twitter Chat 4 – Career Transitions

March 2020: The Future of Work

Twitter Moment: Twitter Chat 5 – The Future of Work

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