Former Commander, Chief Inspector (retd.) Andrew B. Brown is an internationally renowned hostage/crisis negotiator with specialist knowledge and experience in responding to high pressure negotiations to facilitate resolution.

Andrew B. Brown

A Fellow of the Chartered Management and Security Institutes, he has developed advanced negotiation and crisis leadership skills for major corporations, public bodies, international humanitarian organisations and Olympic sports coaches. A skilled coach, he often helps clients in crisis as he calmly navigates them to confidence and improved wellbeing. A good listener, he is skilled in unlocking people’s true potential through teaching them how to negotiate and lead effectively.

As a Fulbright Alumnus, he continues to teach advanced negotiation tactics to many law enforcement agencies including NYPD, USMS and the FBI. Published in his field, he remains an Advisor to the Editorial Board of the Crisis Response Journal and has been recently appointed as a Director to the Emergency Planning Society.

Andrew lives in Edinburgh, Scotland but travels internationally with his humanitarian work to advance negotiation and leadership skills of those dealing with critical situations.

The Isle of Skye, where Andrew used to work.

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