Dr. Rehman Abdulrehman is a coach, consultant, speaker and mental health professional. He specializes in working with executives and c-suite leaders on their own development and leadership capability, as well as on inclusion, diversity, mental health and culture change at an organizational level.

Dr. R. Abdulrehman

In addition to his significant coaching and consulting experience, Dr. R. Abdulrehman is an academic and a mental health practitioner. He is the founder and clinic director of Clinic Psychology Manitoba, Assistant Professor of Clinical Health Psychology at the University of Manitoba and a Visiting Professor at both the State University of Zanzibar and Zanzibar University.

A Canadian of Zanzibari descent, Dr. Abdulrehman’s passionate advocacy of inclusion and diversity is informed by his professional expertise as well as his life as an immigrant from an ethnic, cultural and religious minority. He particularly enjoys working with leaders looking to improve the inclusion and diversity of their organizations.

Dr. Abdulrehman lives in Manitoba, though he also travels and works in other locations including Zanzibar and the UK.

Winnipeg’s Esplanade Reil Bridge at night.

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