Our coaching and mentoring with New Managers uses a combination of face-to-face and telephone based coaching, mentoring and advisory conversations. These relationships typically start on a three month basis, with rolling three month engagements after the initial coaching period has completed.

We start our work with New Managers with a two to three hour planning sessions at which we explore motivations, challenges, values, ambitions and goals. In some instances we’ll complement these initial, exploratory sessions with a personality or strengths assessment, or some 360 feedback that we gather through conversations with relevant people.

After this initial session, we usually hold hour-long, monthly or fortnightly coaching calls with our New Managers. In these sessions we typically combine a coaching approach with some level of advice and guidance, depending on the needs of our New Managers. In all of these sessions we help our clients reflect on and overcome any current challenges they may be facing, and progress towards their goals.

Our New Manager coaching and mentoring is available to private individuals and to organizations looking to support specific New Managers, or entire cohorts of New Managers.

In addition to our New Manager Coaching and Mentoring, we also deliver New Manager Development Programs which combine New Manager coaching with leadership development workshops.

To learn more about New Manager coaching, please get in touch with us using the contact form below.