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Senior Leadership Coaching

Our coaching and mentoring with Senior Leaders normally takes place face-to-face, and typically starts on a six month basis, with rolling three month engagements after the initial coaching period has completed.

These coaching relationships start with a longer (perhaps half-day), exploratory, session, supported by 360 feedback and a personality or skills assessment. In these initial sessions we work with our Senior Leaders to explore their challenges and shape their goals and the support they are looking for from their coaching relationship.

Following this initial session, we typically meet with our Senior Leaders for two hours every four to six weeks as we help them develop and achieve their objectives. Between these face-to-face meetings we also provide ongoing email and phone support as needed.

Our Senior Leadership coaching is available to private individuals and to organizations looking to support specific leaders, or entire leadership teams.

To learn more about Senior Leadership coaching, please get in touch with us using the contact form below.

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