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Connected Leadership: A WOW Development Programme

Our Connected Leadership development programme is designed to develop your team’s leadership and management skills, as well as to improve their performance, engagement and connection.

To achieve these goals, the programme consists of a combination of online workshops, one-one coaching conversations, peer-based participant learning and independent participant learning from curated learning lists.

Invest In Your People, Improve Your Performance

Organizations with more effective and human focused leaders and managers have higher levels of engagement, and higher levels of performance. In addition, the individuals and leaders in these organizations have higher levels of personal fulfillment at work.

Who is this Programme For?

This Connected Leadership Development Programme is designed for leaders and managers in smaller organizations or functions in the public, private or third sectors.

Most participants in this programme manage teams or projects and are responsible for a business deliverables. They will be accountable for implementing strategy and objectives, ensuring effective delivery of operations and projects, leading change, financial and resource management and coaching, mentoring and developing their teams.

What Does the Programme Cover?

The Connected Leadership Programme combines the psychology and social science of leading and managing, with core management practices and practical aspects of leading and managing.

The programme starts with an introductory workshop that explores what leadership and management are, introduces a simple model of leadership, provides a framework for participants to think about human behaviors and helps participants discuss their ways of working.

After the introductory workshop, the programme is delivered in two core parts.

Part 1: Psychology and Social Science for Better Teams

In the first part of the Programme, participants learn to connect with their own and others’ emotions and motivations, and develop the skills to create psychologically safe and high performing teams.

Part one of the programme ends with a facilitated, peer-working session in which the leadership team explore what they’ve learned, and discuss their organization’s culture and the ways of working they need to succeed into the future.

Part 2: Practical Tools and Techniques for Higher Performance

In the second part of the programme, participants learn about and have the chance to implement management practices and leadership tools, techniques and ways of working designed to help improve performance and engagement. The specific content in this part of the programme is tailored to the needs of the business, but generally follows the same core structure as detailed below.

Part two of the programme also ends with a facilitated, peer-working session in which the leadership team explore what they’ve learned, and discuss they can continue to grow and develop and sustain the benefits they’ve achieved over the course of the programme.

How Long Does the Programme Last?

The Connected Leadership programme is typically delivered as either a six or 12 month programme, depending on a client’s requirements.

When this programme is delivered over a six month period, participants are asked to attend a workshop or learning session roughly every two weeks. When delivered over a 12 month period, participants are asked to attend a workshop or learning session once a month.

When we deliver this programme as an open programme for individuals, we deliver it over a six month period.

Our Approach

Our development programmes combine relevant academic theories and practical, helpful management practices, tools and techniques.

To help bring the content to life, and to help participants learn from each other, we always include a variety of individual and group activities. It’s important to us that our participants feel able to share and learn from each other, so we ensure that our workshops and learning sessions are safe places to try new things and explore new ideas.

We deliver our workshops at a fast pace and cover quite a lot in each one. We trust our participants to engage and participant in what we do, as well as to speak up and ask questions if there are things that are unclear.

The last thing that’s really important to us and that we try to capture in our workshops is that there are often no single, simple right answers in leadership and management. Trying to adopt a “paint by numbers” approach to leading a team seldom works. Given this, we aim to share a range of content and help participants explore it and learn it, so that they have a wide range of skills and knowledge that they can use as leaders and managers in the workplace. We also aim to help our participants develop some skills to critique management theory and content.

Pricing for Organizations

We operate a variable pricing structure based on the number of participants taking part in a programme, the size and sector of the organization we are working with and the optional components of the programme that are chosen.

Learning More

To learn more about this programme, pricing, availability, how we can tailor our approach to suppport your organization, or just to learn more about how we work, please get in touch using the form below.

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