Consulting, Culture & Change.

We help teams and organizations understand and improve their cultures, ways of working and performance.

Consulting, Culture & Change Support.

We work with leaders to help them understand and improve their teams and organizations.

The support we provide usually focuses on understanding organizational and team cultures, dynamics, ways of working and engagement. Sometimes we help teams with their structures and processes. We also help leaders understand the things that may be holding their teams back, and navigate through the changes needed to create high performing teams.

We work hard to make sure we are inclusive and ensure that we co-create our programmes with the people they affect, which results in higher engagement in the change process, and stickier results.

Our Approach to Helping Teams Change.

At a high level, our approach to helping team change is very simple. We work with them to understand where they are now, we then explore where they want to be and then work with them to get from here to there.

What people say

“James was instrumental in driving the cultural change I wanted in my team, focusing us on the things that mattered from both the businesses and peoples perspectives. As part of that he facilitated a number of sessions with my leadership team helping draw out the key desired outcomes and the actions required. A great person to work with, with a great can do attitude.”

FTSE 100 Director, Financial Services

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