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We deliver development programmes that improve leadership and management capability, increase team cohesion and performance and help individuals have more fulfilling and engaging careers.

Our Programmes.

This programme helps leaders and managers develop the psychological knowledge and management practices needed to be great leaders, and helps leadership teams become more effective and connected.

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This programme will help individuals develop the self-awareness, insights, knowledge and skills needed to shape positive, thriving careers for themselves and those around them. It is still being developed.

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We also design and deliver bespoke development programmes combining seminars, workshops and coaching. Contact us to learn more.

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Connected Leadership.

A human focused leadership and management development programme for organizations and teams who really care about leading well. Participants who complete this programme…

  • Understand the psychology and social science behind high- performing teams,
  • Learn the steps needed to create great cultures and ways of working,
  • Discover best practice management tools to improve effective team leadership, and
  • Develop self awareness and shape more fulfilling careers.


A modular programme, tailored to meet your specific needs


Designed for small to medium sized organizations or teams


Combines the psychology and practice of management and leadership

How it works.

The core of the Connected Leadership programme is a series of 2.5 hour learning workshops, in two parts, tailored to the needs of the organizations we work with.

The first part of the programme focuses on creating the psychology and social foundations on which successful teams are built.

The second part of the programme focuses on the practical tools and approaches used by leaders and managers of high-performing teams.

Further, optional learning sessions  can be built into each part of the programme on request.

Some organizations also choose to supplement the core programme with 1:1 or team coaching to help further embed the learning and support their leaders and managers.

The Connected Leadership programme is usually delivered over a 9-12 month period, but an accelerated 6 month programme is also available.

What it covers.

Part 1 of the Connected Leadership programme helps participants understand the core principles of leadership and management, gain a deeper understanding of emotions and motivations in the workplace and learn how to create psychologically safe teams with good working cultures.

Part 2 of the Connected Leadership programme helps participants learn, explore and implement management practices that create high performing teams. These  practice include resource management, feedback and communications, listening & inquiring, problem solving, delegation and coaching.

Want to learn more?

From time to time we deliver open versions of the Connected Leadership programme. If you’d like to register your interest in one of these, please contact us.

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After completing their work with Jane, my team were more autonomous in their work and ambitious in their development. They also reported feeling more valued. Great result.

Senior Leader

James and Jane make such a great pairing and I have been really impressed with our team development  programme. My team have all loved it and got a huge amount out of it. 

Managing Director

A Thriving Career.

This reflective personal and career development programme is designed to help individuals and leaders understand what really matters to people in their careers, and to give them the skills to change and modify careers so they are more fulfilling, rewarding and productive. Participants who complete this programme will…

  • Learn about positive psychology and what affects happiness in the world of work
  • Develop insights, skills and practices to help change their own and others’ behaviors for more fulfilling careers
  • Gain an understanding of individual differences and explore what they really want from their careers
  • Understand how to behave in line with who they are and what they value, and
  • Learn how to shape and modify their own and others’ jobs for more fulfilling careers.


A modular programme, with clear steps and an easy to follow structure of bite-sized learning content


Designed for considerate individuals who care about their, and other’s, experiences of work


Provides clear and actionable steps you can take to improve your experience of work and your career

Our Thriving Career programme is still in development.

We aim for this programme to be live in 2022. If you’d like to register your interest in advance as an individual or an organization, please do so below.

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