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Online, facilitator-led, interactive workshops that helps individuals, leaders and organizations develop

Online Seminars and Workshops

We deliver a range of interactive, online, facilitator-led seminars and workshops that are designed that help individuals, leaders and organizations develop. These help participants learn about important topics for the world of work, and help them bring them to life and consolidate their learning though a range of activities

Our workshops are usually delivered privately for organizations, though we sometimes also deliver open workshops that are available to the general public. Most of our workshops are limited to smaller groups of up to 20, though some can be larger. All of our workshops are co-facilitated by two of our facilitators, as we think this leads to a better learning experience.

All of our online workshops last between two and three hours and are delivered using video conferencing platforms (like zoom). They are interactive and combine a mixture of theory, practical advice, personal reflection and interactive activities. Slides are used throughout our workshops to help bring content to life, and most workshops have supplementary learning materials as well.

Our clients tell us that our seminars help them develop their employees, change their cultures and ways of working and grow their leadership capability. Some clients use our seminars as part of larger organizational development programs, and some combine them with coaching for additional benefit. Seminars are run as 1 hour online sessions which have some interactive elements but can also be enjoyed on a lunch break. We regularly deliver for 20-200 people and cover

As well as our "off the shelf" workshops and seminars, we also produce bespoke sessions for some clients which help them address their specific organizational needs. These workshops can be stand alone, part of "team days" or similar, or part of larger development programs.

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