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The Episodes

E071: Meditation

With Guest: Gillian McMichael


In this episode we are joined by Gillian McMichael to speak about meditation. We explore what it is, where it comes from, who does it, how it helps and what you can do to become better at it.

E070: Job Crafting

In this episode we discuss the concept of Job-crafting and reflect on the three core ways in which people can craft their jobs. The list of the week is a discussion of David Graeber’s types of Bull-shit jobs. Presumably the people in these types of jobs would like to craft them…

E069: Career Transitions: Leaving the Infantry

With Guest: Darren Philipson

In this episode we are joined by Darren Philipson to speak about career transitions. The discussion covers his experience of moving on from the military and back into civilian life. The main focus of the podcast is on what significant transitions like this are like, and how to manage them more effectively.

E068: Emotions in Work and Social Pain

With Guest: Lou Banks

In this episode we are joined by Lou Banks from Rising Vibe to speak about the importance of emotions in work. We explore emotional intelligence and why it matters, and dive into the concept of social pain and how it can shape our work experiences.

E067: The Gig Economy

In this episode we discuss what the gig economy is and why it matters. We explore some of the challenges that have arisen because of it, and reflect on the role that it may play in the future of work.

E066: Cook: A B-Corporation Case Study of Responsible Business

With Guest: James Perry

In this episode we are joined by James Perry, from the UK B-corporation Cook, and co-founder of B-lab UK to speak about responsible business and impact investment. The conversation covers the motivations to and challenges of becoming a B-corporation, as well as the benefits.

E065: Ethical Decision Making in the 3rd Sector

With Guest: Russell Findlay

In this episode we are joined by Russell Findlay, Chief Executive of the Speakers Trust, to discuss ethical decision making in leadership. The discussion particularly explores the challenges faced by 3rd sector organizations, but there are lessons for everyone in it.

E064: Remote Working

This episode is all about remote working. In it we discuss what remote working is, what you can do to work well remotely as an individual and some things you can do to help your team work well remotely.

E063: The Future of Work (part 1)

With Guest: Lewis Garrad

In this episode we are joined by Lewis Garrad from Mercer to speak about the future of work. Our broad conversation ranges from an exploration of changes to society through to reflections on purpose and meaning in work, as well as the compulsory discussion of the impact of technology on work.

E062: Scotland’s National Performance Framework

With Guest: Lesley Thomson

In this episode we are joined by Lesley Thomson from the Scottish Government to discuss Scotland’s National Performance Framework (NPF). The NPF lays out the outcomes that Scotland is looking to achieve as a nation, as well as a specific vision for the future and how Scotland wants to get there. You can learn more at the NPF Website.

E061: Motivation: Reversal Theory

With Guest: Rob Robson

In this episode we are joined by Rob Robson for a conversation about Reversal Theory. After first exploring the history of motivation, Rob explains what reversal theory is and shares some practical advice around how it can be used for self management and in coaching.

E060: Responsibility, Influence, Legal Structures and Finance

In this episode we continue our exploration of the concept of responsible business by reflecting on how influence accumulates in organizations, and the role that financing and legal structures can play.

E059: Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)

With Guest: Dr. Alexander Schwall

In this episode we are joined by Alexander Schwall from Rhabit Analytics to discuss Organizational Network Analysis (ONA). The conversation explores what ONA is, what some benefits of it are and how organizations undertake it.

E058: Career Narratives

In this episode we discuss the power of stories and the stories we tell ourselves both in society and in our work. We share the seven standard stories that exist, and consider what they mean in our worklives.

E057: An Introduction to Responsible Business

In this episode we discuss the concept of responsible business and explore the positive and negative impacts that organizations can have before sharing details of some groups looking to increase responsibility in business.

E056: A History of the LGBT Community in Work

With Guest: Dr. Phil Tiemeyer

In this episode we discuss the history of the LGBT community in work with Dr Phil Tiemeyer from Kansas State University. We cover key moments in the LGBT community’s relationship with work over the past century and reflect on the current rights of the community, primarily in the US.

E055: Career Anchors

In this episode we discuss Edgar Schein’s 8 Career Anchors, a helpful tool for assessing your own career decisions and progression, as well as for considering the progression of individuals in your team. The list of the week covers lessons organizations can learn from the Career Anchors about how they lead their people.

E054: Increasing Diversity on Boards

With Guest: Neil Stevenson

In this episode we discuss how we can increase the diversity of our organizational boards with Neil Stevenson from Changing the Chemistry.

E053: 2019 Christmas Special

In this episode we discuss some of the challenges that organizations and people face over the Christmas Holiday period, as well as reflecting on a few things that can be done to help the period be a success.

E052: Bias and Technology to overcome it in recruitment

With Guest: Andy Babbage

In this episode we discuss some of the flaws that exist within our current approaches to recruitment with Andy Babbage from Be Applied. We explore the role that unconscious biases play in recruitment, as well as discussing how lessons from behavioral economics and our increasing technological capabilities can help us improve our approach to recruitment, and our recruitment outcomes.

E051: Menopause

With Guest: Ruth Devlin

In this episode we discuss menopause with Ruth Devlin, from Let’s Talk Menopause. In our conversation we talk about the symptoms and stages of menopause, how managers can be better equipped to support individuals in their team who may be affected by menopause and what we can do to break down the stigma that exists around this important subject.

E050: Inclusion & Diversity in organizations

With Guest: Donna Fraser

In this episode we discuss Inclusion and Diversity with four time Olympian, Donna Fraser. Our conversation considers what organizations and individuals can do to improve their levels of inclusion, as well as what we can do to make society itself more inclusive.

E049: Reflections on Mental Health

With Guest: Ian Braid

In this episode we discuss mental health with Ian Braid from DOCIA Sport. We explore some of the challenges individuals face with mental health, how these challenges can materialize and what individuals and organizations can do to improve their cultures and support their individuals.

E048: The Gender Pay Gap

With Guests: Katy Murray and Fiona Smith

In this episode we discuss the gender paygap in the world of work with Katy and Fiona from the Catalyst Collective. We explore some of the reasons behind the paygap, and discuss some of the things that organizations can do to help reduce their paygaps.

E047: Care Experience, Trauma and Social Mobility

With Guest: Julian Thomson

In this episode we discuss care experience, post trauma and some aspects of social mobility with Julian Thomson from Reconnected. Our conversation explores the concept of social capital and the experiences care leavers and other post trauma individuals face in the world of work, before reflecting on how organizations can become more inclusive towards these individuals.

E046: Neurodiversity and the Workplace

With Guest: Emma Walker

In this episode we discuss Neurodiversity, with a specific focus on the autism spectrum with Emma Walker, from Auticon (a consultancy who place autistic consultants with organizations). Our conversation explores what neurodiversity is and how organizations can become more inclusive so that they are better able to benefit from the great strengths that many neurodiverse people bring to the world of work.

E045: Exploring Inclusion & Diversity

With Guest: Dr. R. Abdulrehman

In this episode we discuss Inclusion and Diversity in more detail with Dr Rehman Abdulrehman. Our excellent and informative conversation encompasses the power of names, micro-iniquities, privilege and cultural competence.

E044: An Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion

With Guest: Sarah Churchman

In this episode we speak to Sarah Churchman, PwC UK’s Chief Inclusion and Wellbeing Officer. We explore what Diversity and Inclusion are, how they matter for individuals, organizations and societies, how we can increase diversity and inclusion in organizations and what it’s like to work in an Inclusion and Diversity team.

E043: Personal Development Plans

In this episode we talk about how people can manage their own career development and self-improvement. We reflect on the importance of personal development plans and what good ones look like, as well as discussing some of the conflicts that exist between personal development and performance management in the world of work.

E042: Introduction to Mental Health

In this episode we discuss mental health and the role that it can play in our lives and the world of work. We report some powerful facts about mental health in the UK workplace before sharing the Mental Well-being vs Mental Illness matrix and the Mental Health Continuum Model.

E041: Self Regulation

In this episode we discuss what self regulation is, explore some theories of self regulation and ask if it’s possible to get better at regulating yourself. The list of the week sheds light on a self regulation questionnaire.

E040: Personal Effectiveness

In this episode we discuss different tools and approaches that people can use to become more effective at work. we reflect on the concept of “getting things done”, talk about the concept of time-blocking and the pomodorro technique and discuss the importance of “mindset”.

E039: Self Awareness

In this episode we discuss the concept of self awareness and why it’s important. We discuss the Johari Window, reflect on how you can improve self awareness and introduce the concept of Narrative Identity Theory.

E038: Happiness

In this episode we focus on happiness and discuss what it means, what countries are happy, what contributes to happiness, how happiness is measured and what happiness might mean for the workplace.

E037: Becoming a Coach

With Guest: Gillian McMichael

This bonus episode doesn’t fit with the core content of the series. In it we discuss the process of becoming a coach with Gillian McMicahel, an ICF Master Coach and founder of Full Circle Global, an international coaching consultancy.

E036: Organizational Maturity

With Guest: Stuart Woollard

In this episode, we broaden our discussion away from organizational culture and start to consider organizational impact and concepts of responsible business. Our conversation is with Stuart Woollard, an accountant, academic, managing partner of Organizational Maturity Services LLP and co-author of “The Mature Corporation“.

E035: Feedback and Feedback Culture

With Guest: Joe Hirsch

In this episode we discuss the role that feedback plays in organizational cultures with Joe Hirsch, a Dallas based consultant and speaker, and author of “The Feedback Fix“.

E034: Predictive Analytics

With Guest: Kristina Dorniak-Wall

In this episode we discuss predictive analytics and how they are used in the world of HR with Kristina Dorniak-Wall, a Melbourne based senior people scientist at CultureAmp.

E033: Sentiment Analysis

With Guest: Andy Roberts

In this episode we explore the how to measure culture and engagement, specifically considering sentiment analysis, with Andy Roberts, a Wrexham based entrepreneur and software developer who’s the founder of Weekly10, a culture and employee engagement platform.

E032: Organizational Design

With Guest: Jane Garza

In this episode we explore the world of organizational design with Jane Garza, a Los Angeles based advisor, coach and organizational designer with NOBL Collective.

E031: Organizational Culture & Engagement

With Guest: Darrin Murriner

In this episode we explore the concepts of organizational culture and employee engagement with Darrin Murriner, a Cincinnati based co-founder of Cloverleaf and author of the book, “Corporate Bravery“.

E030: Learning from Volunteer Management

With Guest: Laura Hamilton

Episode 30 is another interview based episode. This time we speak with Laura Hamilton, an experienced volunteer manager and third sector professional, about how to manage volunteers. We explore how organizations manage and change the behaviors of volunteers without recourse to the carrots and sticks that can be used with paid employees. We ask if there are lessons we can all learn from volunteer managers, and decide that there are.

E029: Influencing Consumer Behaviors

In the this episode we explore the ways in which concepts from behavior science are used to influence consumer decisions. We look at how retailers and marketers influence consumer choices and at how product designers create addictive digital products. The list of the week covers several cognitive biases that affect decisions about consumption.

E028: Nudge Theory

This episode broadens our topic base up a little as we stray into the world of behavioral economics and discuss nudge theory and the concept of nudging. It’s a fun topic and the concept of nudge clearly has a role to play in shaping and changing our behaviors.

E027: Habits

Episode 27 looks at the concept of Habits and the power that our habits can have over our behaviors. In the episode we discuss theories about habit formation as well as habit change.

E026: Goal Setting

Episode 26 looks at the concept of Goal Setting. In it we discuss what goal setting is and how setting goals can contribute to achieving behaviors and behavior changes. We focus on several core models of goal setting, and some critiques of goal setting. The list of the week is a seven step process to set good goals.

E025: Coaching for Behavior Change

With Guest: Gillian McMichael

This episode explores coaching, with a specific focus on how coaching can help change behaviors. It takes the form of an interview with Gillian McMichael, an ICF Master Coach and founder of Full Circle Global, an international coaching consultancy. We explore the coaching process and learn more about how it works.

E024: Motivation

In episode 24 we focus on Motivation, a key factor influencing behavior and a key tool for enabling behavior change. We discuss the difference between content and process theories of motivation and go on to explain several famous motivation models. The list of the week is John Adair’s eight basic rules of motivation.

E023: Behavior Change, an Introduction

In episode 23 we discussing behavior change and some models of behavior change. For the list of the week we discuss the six stages of change from the transtheoretical model.

E022: Communicating Effectively – Rhetoric and Persuasion

Episode 22 is a look at communication, from the perspective of rhetoric and persuasion. We walk through the five canons of rhetoric and share how to create effective messages and arrange powerful communications. The list of the week is 10 things you can do to be a better communicator.

E021: Trust

In episode 21 we look at trust. We reflect on how different professions think about it and explore why it’s so important in the work place. We also share two models that help explain how to build trust. The list of the week is 10 trust building actions you can take.

E020: Bringing Divided Teams Together – Lessons from Brexit

In the second of our Brexit Special episodes, we discuss how charities and other organizations in civil society work to bring together divided groups of individuals. We explore projects designed to integrate divided youth groups, bridge divided communities and de-polarize political tribes and ask what lessons organizations can learn about bringing together divided groups.

E019: Leading Change – Lessons from Brexit

In the first of our special episodes inspired by Brexit we discuss key factors that contribute to the success of change programs. We explore force-field analysis, the importance of unified leadership, persuasive communications and John Kotter’s 8 stage change model, all through the lens of Brexit.

E018: Feedback 1

Episode 18 sees us tackle (or at least introduce) the thorny subject of feedback. We discuss the purpose of feedback, why we find it so difficult and how to be better at both receiving it and giving it. The list of the week is five tips to help you be better at delivering feedback.

E017: Huddles and Stand-up Meetings

Episode 17 is another practical episode. In this one we discuss huddles (AKA “stand-up meetings” or “scrums”), explain who they are for and how they work and talk through how to implement them in your teams. The list of the week is common challenges you may face when introducing huddles, and how to overcome them.

E016: Resilience

Resilience follows on quite naturally from wellbeing, so we cover it in episode 16. Here we discuss resilience, accountability for wellbeing, stress and pressure. We share a way to measure resilience and some ways to be more resilient. The list of the week is 5 easy things you can do to help others be more resilient.

E015: Wellbeing

Episode 15 sees us discuss the concept of wellbeing. We reflect on what individuals and leaders should do to support wellbeing, and on its role in organizations and society. The list of the week covers five key activities that can improve wellbeing.

E014: Innovation – The Innovators Dilemma and Medici Effect

In the second episode on innovation in series 2 we discuss the S-curve model, the innovator’s dilemma and the Medici effect. The list of the week is sample of step-change innovations that have occurred at the intersection of disciplines.

E013: Innovation – An Introduction

This episode is the first of two in a row on innovation. In it we discuss incremental and disruptive innovation and the types of cultures and leadership activities that help drive successful innovation. The list of the week covers traits of successful innovators.

E012: Problem Solving with the A3 Method

Episode 12 is another practical episode. In this one we discuss an overall approach to solving problems within teams, then dive into a specific problem solving methodology, A3 thinking. The list of the week is five things to watch out for when solving problems.

E011: Organizational Change

In episode 11 we discuss organizational change, explore popular frameworks used to consider it and share popular models for how to deliver it. The list of the week is questions you should ask yourself when planning an organizational change.

E010: The Change Curve

In episode 10 we discuss the key emotional stages that individuals go through when responding to a change, explore how leaders can help their employees through these stages and consider some of the major types of change people face at work.

E009: Personality Tests

In episode 9 we discuss personality testing, look at the history of the industry and explain some of the most common tests used at the moment. The list of the week is a five step process on how to run a useful personality activity in your team.

E008: Authentic Leadership

With Guest: Laura Kinsler

Our first ever guest, Laura Kinser, of Yellow Owl, joins us in episode 8 to talk about Authentic Leadership. We discuss what authentic leadership is, why it’s helpful and how to develop it in yourself or others as well as sharing our reflections on authentic leadership in the workplace.

E007: Visions and Missions

Episode 7 sees us discuss vision and mission statements and explore their role in supporting business strategy. They also consider what makes good ones and who should have them, before sharing a few examples of them.

E006: Team Building Activities

In a bit of a practical episode for all the facilitators and team leaders our there, we discuss Energizers, Icebreakers and Team-Building activities, explore why they are important and what makes them work, share some examples and share hints and tips for how to use them effectively in your teams.

E005: Mentoring and Development Networks

In episode 5 we discuss mentoring and development networks and explore how you can create one for yourself as an individual as well as how to set up a mentoring network in an organization if you’re a leader.

E004: Personal Values

We think personal values are important, and in this episode we discuss what they are, why they are important and how they might differ from career values. They also reflect on a few specific values and share some exercises that may help you discover your own personal values.

E003: Agile Working

This episode sees us discuss the history of Agile and Flexible working as well as modern agile working practices. The list of the week is made up of key things all leaders need to consider before implementing Agile or Flexible working practices in their organizations.

E002: Emotional Intelligence

In episode 2 we discuss neuroscience, the “fight or flight” response, why emotions matter in the workplace and the five domains of of emotional intelligence, as well as sharing hints and tips on improving your emotional intelligence.

E001: Organizational Development

In our first we introduce ourselves and The World of Work Podcast, discuss the history and importance of the field of Organizational Development and describe key traits shared by successful Organizational Development programs.

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