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The Episodes

E093: Playfulness at Work

With Guests: Stephanie Wheeler and Teresa Leyman

In this episode James and Jane are joined by Teresa and Stephanie to talk about the role of playfulness and laughter in the workplace. The conversation explores the benefits of playfulness, the challenges we face in being playful and what we can do to create more playful workplaces.

E092: Lessons from Counseling

With Guest: Laura Hamilton

In this episode Jane is joined by friend of the show, Laura Hamilton, for a conversation about how we can learn lessons from counseling to support how we work as managers and leaders.

E088: Healthy Workplaces

With Guest: Dr. Kevin Teoh

In this episode we are joined by Dr. Kevin Teoh to speak about worker wellbeing and healthy workplaces. In the discussion we consider what makes a healthy workplace, the impacts that healthy workplaces have, who is responsible for healthy workplaces and a few things we all can do to increase the health within our workplaces.

E085: Remote Working Cultures

With Guest: Gonçalo Silva

In this episode we are joined by Gonçalo Silva, CTO of a fully remote organization, to speak about remote working and the important role that culture plays in creating effective remote working organizations.

E068: Emotions in Work and Social Pain

With Guest: Lou Banks

In this episode we are joined by Lou Banks from Rising Vibe to speak about the importance of emotions in work. We explore emotional intelligence and why it matters, and dive into the concept of social pain and how it can shape our work experiences.

E064: Remote Working

This episode is all about remote working. In it we discuss what remote working is, what you can do to work well remotely as an individual and some things you can do to help your team work well remotely.

E055: Career Anchors

In this episode we discuss Edgar Schein’s 8 Career Anchors, a helpful tool for assessing your own career decisions and progression, as well as for considering the progression of individuals in your team. The list of the week covers lessons organizations can learn from the Career Anchors about how they lead their people.

E039: Self Awareness

In this episode we discuss the concept of self awareness and why it’s important. We discuss the Johari Window, reflect on how you can improve self awareness and introduce the concept of Narrative Identity Theory.

E035: Feedback and Feedback Culture

With Guest: Joe Hirsch

In this episode we discuss the role that feedback plays in organizational cultures with Joe Hirsch, a Dallas based consultant and speaker, and author of “The Feedback Fix“.

E030: Learning from Volunteer Management

With Guest: Laura Hamilton

Episode 30 is another interview based episode. This time we speak with Laura Hamilton, an experienced volunteer manager and third sector professional, about how to manage volunteers. We explore how organizations manage and change the behaviors of volunteers without recourse to the carrots and sticks that can be used with paid employees. We ask if there are lessons we can all learn from volunteer managers, and decide that there are.

E027: Habits

Episode 27 looks at the concept of Habits and the power that our habits can have over our behaviors. In the episode we discuss theories about habit formation as well as habit change.

E026: Goal Setting

Episode 26 looks at the concept of Goal Setting. In it we discuss what goal setting is and how setting goals can contribute to achieving behaviors and behavior changes. We focus on several core models of goal setting, and some critiques of goal setting. The list of the week is a seven step process to set good goals.

E024: Motivation

In episode 24 we focus on Motivation, a key factor influencing behavior and a key tool for enabling behavior change. We discuss the difference between content and process theories of motivation and go on to explain several famous motivation models. The list of the week is John Adair’s eight basic rules of motivation.

E022: Communicating Effectively – Rhetoric and Persuasion

Episode 22 is a look at communication, from the perspective of rhetoric and persuasion. We walk through the five canons of rhetoric and share how to create effective messages and arrange powerful communications. The list of the week is 10 things you can do to be a better communicator.

E021: Trust

In episode 21 we look at trust. We reflect on how different professions think about it and explore why it’s so important in the work place. We also share two models that help explain how to build trust. The list of the week is 10 trust building actions you can take.

E018: Feedback 1

Episode 18 sees us tackle (or at least introduce) the thorny subject of feedback. We discuss the purpose of feedback, why we find it so difficult and how to be better at both receiving it and giving it. The list of the week is five tips to help you be better at delivering feedback.

E017: Huddles and Stand-up Meetings

Episode 17 is another practical episode. In this one we discuss huddles (AKA “stand-up meetings” or “scrums”), explain who they are for and how they work and talk through how to implement them in your teams. The list of the week is common challenges you may face when introducing huddles, and how to overcome them.

E016: Resilience

Resilience follows on quite naturally from wellbeing, so we cover it in episode 16. Here we discuss resilience, accountability for wellbeing, stress and pressure. We share a way to measure resilience and some ways to be more resilient. The list of the week is 5 easy things you can do to help others be more resilient.

E015: Wellbeing

Episode 15 sees us discuss the concept of wellbeing. We reflect on what individuals and leaders should do to support wellbeing, and on its role in organizations and society. The list of the week covers five key activities that can improve wellbeing.

E012: Problem Solving with the A3 Method

Episode 12 is another practical episode. In this one we discuss an overall approach to solving problems within teams, then dive into a specific problem solving methodology, A3 thinking. The list of the week is five things to watch out for when solving problems.

E011: Organizational Change

In episode 11 we discuss organizational change, explore popular frameworks used to consider it and share popular models for how to deliver it. The list of the week is questions you should ask yourself when planning an organizational change.

E010: The Change Curve

In episode 10 we discuss the key emotional stages that individuals go through when responding to a change, explore how leaders can help their employees through these stages and consider some of the major types of change people face at work.

E008: Authentic Leadership

With Guest: Laura Kinsler

Our first ever guest, Laura Kinser, of Yellow Owl, joins us in episode 8 to talk about Authentic Leadership. We discuss what authentic leadership is, why it’s helpful and how to develop it in yourself or others as well as sharing our reflections on authentic leadership in the workplace.

E007: Visions and Missions

Episode 7 sees us discuss vision and mission statements and explore their role in supporting business strategy. They also consider what makes good ones and who should have them, before sharing a few examples of them.

E006: Team Building Activities

In a bit of a practical episode for all the facilitators and team leaders our there, we discuss Energizers, Icebreakers and Team-Building activities, explore why they are important and what makes them work, share some examples and share hints and tips for how to use them effectively in your teams.

E003: Agile Working

This episode sees us discuss the history of Agile and Flexible working as well as modern agile working practices. The list of the week is made up of key things all leaders need to consider before implementing Agile or Flexible working practices in their organizations.

E002: Emotional Intelligence

In episode 2 we discuss neuroscience, the “fight or flight” response, why emotions matter in the workplace and the five domains of of emotional intelligence, as well as sharing hints and tips on improving your emotional intelligence.

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