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The Episodes

E096: Creativity & Innovation (Diversity & Conflict)

With Guest: Dr. Roni Reiter-Palmon

In this episode James and Jane are joined by Dr. Roni Reiter-Palmon for the second of three episodes exploring creativity and innovation. In this episode the conversations focuses on the roles that diversity and conflict play in teams looking to be creative and to innovate.

E094: Creativity & Innovation (Failure & Psychological Safety)

With Guest: Dr. Roni Reiter-Palmon

In this episode James and Jane are joined by Dr. Roni Reiter-Palmon for the first of three episodes exploring creativity and innovation. In this episode the conversations focuses on the roles that failure and psychological safety play in teams looking to be creative and to innovate.

E090: Systems Theory and Complexity

With Guest: Dr. Glenda Eoyang

In this episode James and Jane are joined by Dr. Glenda Eoyang from the Human Systems Dynamics Institute for a conversation about Systems and Complexity theory. The discussion explores what these two subjects are, how we can affect change to wicket problems and why this matters in our workplaces and society more widely.

E089: Psychological Capital

With Guests: Workr Beeing

In this episode James is joined by Patricia and Katina from Workr Beeing to talk about Psychological Capital. The conversation explores what psych capital is, the key elements it comprises, how it can help in the workplace and what you can do to increase your own levels.

E087: Org Change and Story Telling

With Guest: Dr. Susanne Evans

In this episode James and Jane are joined by Dr. Susanne Evans to speak about the effectiveness of process driven approaches to organizational change, and how story-telling can lead to better results.

E083: A Critique of Org Change

With Guest: Dr. Mark Hughes

In this episode James and Jane are joined by Dr. Mark Hughes to explore the relationship between leadership and change, and to critique and challenge some of the more famous models of organizational change. There’s lots to learn, and we should always be asking questions.

E080: The Future of Work, Corona and I/O Psych

With Guest: Bernardo Tirado

In this episode from April 2020, James and Jane are joined by Bernardo Tirado to discuss the impact that COVID-19 has on organizations and the individuals in them, as well as how the I/O Psych community and practitioners can support individuals through this disrupted period of time.

E079: Financial Wellbeing

With Guest: Gethin Nadin

In this episode we are joined by Gethin Nadin to talk about all things related to financial wellbeing. We explore what the increasingly popular phrase actually means, the levels of financial wellbeing people are currently experiencing and what role organizations play in the financial wellbeing of their employees.

E078: Self-managed teams

With Guest: Perry Timms

In this episode, which is guest co-hosted by Lisa Schmidt, we are joined by Perry Timms to explore self managed teams. We speak about the challenge associated with them, the benefits they can bring and what leaders and individuals can do to start their journey towards becoming self managed.

E068: Emotions in Work and Social Pain

With Guest: Lou Banks

In this episode we are joined by Lou Banks from Rising Vibe to speak about the importance of emotions in work. We explore emotional intelligence and why it matters, and dive into the concept of social pain and how it can shape our work experiences.

E063: The Future of Work (part 1)

With Guest: Lewis Garrad

In this episode we are joined by Lewis Garrad from Mercer to speak about the future of work. Our broad conversation ranges from an exploration of changes to society through to reflections on purpose and meaning in work, as well as the compulsory discussion of the impact of technology on work.

E061: Motivation: Reversal Theory

With Guest: Rob Robson

In this episode we are joined by Rob Robson for a conversation about Reversal Theory. After first exploring the history of motivation, Rob explains what reversal theory is and shares some practical advice around how it can be used for self management and in coaching.

E059: Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)

With Guest: Dr. Alexander Schwall

In this episode we are joined by Alexander Schwall from Rhabit Analytics to discuss Organizational Network Analysis (ONA). The conversation explores what ONA is, what some benefits of it are and how organizations undertake it.

E034: Predictive Analytics

With Guest: Kristina Dorniak-Wall

In this episode we discuss predictive analytics and how they are used in the world of HR with Kristina Dorniak-Wall, a Melbourne based senior people scientist at CultureAmp.

E033: Sentiment Analysis

With Guest: Andy Roberts

In this episode we explore the how to measure culture and engagement, specifically considering sentiment analysis, with Andy Roberts, a Wrexham based entrepreneur and software developer who’s the founder of Weekly10, a culture and employee engagement platform.

E032: Organizational Design

With Guest: Jane Garza

In this episode we explore the world of organizational design with Jane Garza, a Los Angeles based advisor, coach and organizational designer with NOBL Collective.

E031: Organizational Culture & Engagement

With Guest: Darrin Murriner

In this episode we explore the concepts of organizational culture and employee engagement with Darrin Murriner, a Cincinnati based co-founder of Cloverleaf and author of the book, “Corporate Bravery“.

E027: Habits

Episode 27 looks at the concept of Habits and the power that our habits can have over our behaviors. In the episode we discuss theories about habit formation as well as habit change.

E026: Goal Setting

Episode 26 looks at the concept of Goal Setting. In it we discuss what goal setting is and how setting goals can contribute to achieving behaviors and behavior changes. We focus on several core models of goal setting, and some critiques of goal setting. The list of the week is a seven step process to set good goals.

E024: Motivation

In episode 24 we focus on Motivation, a key factor influencing behavior and a key tool for enabling behavior change. We discuss the difference between content and process theories of motivation and go on to explain several famous motivation models. The list of the week is John Adair’s eight basic rules of motivation.

E023: Behavior Change, an Introduction

In episode 23 we discussing behavior change and some models of behavior change. For the list of the week we discuss the six stages of change from the transtheoretical model.

E014: Innovation – The Innovators Dilemma and Medici Effect

In the second episode on innovation in series 2 we discuss the S-curve model, the innovator’s dilemma and the Medici effect. The list of the week is sample of step-change innovations that have occurred at the intersection of disciplines.

E013: Innovation – An Introduction

This episode is the first of two in a row on innovation. In it we discuss incremental and disruptive innovation and the types of cultures and leadership activities that help drive successful innovation. The list of the week covers traits of successful innovators.

E011: Organizational Change

In episode 11 we discuss organizational change, explore popular frameworks used to consider it and share popular models for how to deliver it. The list of the week is questions you should ask yourself when planning an organizational change.

E003: Agile Working

This episode sees us discuss the history of Agile and Flexible working as well as modern agile working practices. The list of the week is made up of key things all leaders need to consider before implementing Agile or Flexible working practices in their organizations.

E002: Emotional Intelligence

In episode 2 we discuss neuroscience, the “fight or flight” response, why emotions matter in the workplace and the five domains of of emotional intelligence, as well as sharing hints and tips on improving your emotional intelligence.

E001: Organizational Development

In our first we introduce ourselves and The World of Work Podcast, discuss the history and importance of the field of Organizational Development and describe key traits shared by successful Organizational Development programs.

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