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The Episodes

E091: Racism in the Workplace

Guest Host: Shola Ope

With Guest: Ashanti Bentil-Dhue

In this episode we hand over hosting duties to Shola Ope, who leads a conversation about racism in the workplace with Ashanti. The conversation explores some the challenges faced by black people in the UK workplace and some of the things organizations can do to help with these challenges. It also touches on one of Shola’s favourite topics, the lack of black men in HR.

E056: A History of the LGBT Community in Work

With Guest: Dr. Phil Tiemeyer

In this episode we discuss the history of the LGBT community in work with Dr Phil Tiemeyer from Kansas State University. We cover key moments in the LGBT community’s relationship with work over the past century and reflect on the current rights of the community, primarily in the US.

E054: Increasing Diversity on Boards

With Guest: Neil Stevenson

In this episode we discuss how we can increase the diversity of our organizational boards with Neil Stevenson from Changing the Chemistry.

E052: Bias and Technology to overcome it in recruitment

With Guest: Andy Babbage

In this episode we discuss some of the flaws that exist within our current approaches to recruitment with Andy Babbage from Be Applied. We explore the role that unconscious biases play in recruitment, as well as discussing how lessons from behavioral economics and our increasing technological capabilities can help us improve our approach to recruitment, and our recruitment outcomes.

E051: Menopause

With Guest: Ruth Devlin

In this episode we discuss menopause with Ruth Devlin, from Let’s Talk Menopause. In our conversation we talk about the symptoms and stages of menopause, how managers can be better equipped to support individuals in their team who may be affected by menopause and what we can do to break down the stigma that exists around this important subject.

E050: Inclusion & Diversity in organizations

With Guest: Donna Fraser

In this episode we discuss Inclusion and Diversity with four time Olympian, Donna Fraser. Our conversation considers what organizations and individuals can do to improve their levels of inclusion, as well as what we can do to make society itself more inclusive.

E049: Reflections on Mental Health

With Guest: Ian Braid

In this episode we discuss mental health with Ian Braid from DOCIA Sport. We explore some of the challenges individuals face with mental health, how these challenges can materialize and what individuals and organizations can do to improve their cultures and support their individuals.

E048: The Gender Pay Gap

With Guests: Katy Murray and Fiona Smith

In this episode we discuss the gender paygap in the world of work with Katy and Fiona from the Catalyst Collective. We explore some of the reasons behind the paygap, and discuss some of the things that organizations can do to help reduce their paygaps.

E047: Care Experience, Trauma and Social Mobility

With Guest: Julian Thomson

In this episode we discuss care experience, post trauma and some aspects of social mobility with Julian Thomson from Reconnected. Our conversation explores the concept of social capital and the experiences care leavers and other post trauma individuals face in the world of work, before reflecting on how organizations can become more inclusive towards these individuals.

E046: Neurodiversity and the Workplace

With Guest: Emma Walker

In this episode we discuss Neurodiversity, with a specific focus on the autism spectrum with Emma Walker, from Auticon (a consultancy who place autistic consultants with organizations). Our conversation explores what neurodiversity is and how organizations can become more inclusive so that they are better able to benefit from the great strengths that many neurodiverse people bring to the world of work.

E045: Exploring Inclusion & Diversity

With Guest: Dr. R. Abdulrehman

In this episode we discuss Inclusion and Diversity in more detail with Dr Rehman Abdulrehman. Our excellent and informative conversation encompasses the power of names, micro-iniquities, privilege and cultural competence.

E044: An Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion

With Guest: Sarah Churchman

In this episode we speak to Sarah Churchman, PwC UK’s Chief Inclusion and Wellbeing Officer. We explore what Diversity and Inclusion are, how they matter for individuals, organizations and societies, how we can increase diversity and inclusion in organizations and what it’s like to work in an Inclusion and Diversity team.

E042: Introduction to Mental Health

In this episode we discuss mental health and the role that it can play in our lives and the world of work. We report some powerful facts about mental health in the UK workplace before sharing the Mental Well-being vs Mental Illness matrix and the Mental Health Continuum Model.

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