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The Episodes

E086: Zebras Unite (with Aniyia Williams)

In this episode we discuss the Zebras Unite movement with one of its founders, Aniyia Williams. The conversation focuses on the role of venture capitalism in start ups, and how we can create better funding approaches for more purpose driven businesses.

E067: The Gig Economy

In this episode we discuss what the gig economy is and why it matters. We explore some of the challenges that have arisen because of it, and reflect on the role that it may play in the future of work.

E066: Cook: A B-Corporation Case Study of Responsible Business

With Guest: James Perry

In this episode we are joined by James Perry, from the UK B-corporation Cook, and co-founder of B-lab UK to speak about responsible business and impact investment. The conversation covers the motivations to and challenges of becoming a B-corporation, as well as the benefits.

E065: Ethical Decision Making in the 3rd Sector

With Guest: Russell Findlay

In this episode we are joined by Russell Findlay, Chief Executive of the Speakers Trust, to discuss ethical decision making in leadership. The discussion particularly explores the challenges faced by 3rd sector organizations, but there are lessons for everyone in it.

E062: Scotland’s National Performance Framework

With Guest: Lesley Thomson

In this episode we are joined by Lesley Thomson from the Scottish Government to discuss Scotland’s National Performance Framework (NPF). The NPF lays out the outcomes that Scotland is looking to achieve as a nation, as well as a specific vision for the future and how Scotland wants to get there. You can learn more at the NPF Website.

E060: Responsibility, Influence, Legal Structures and Finance

In this episode we continue our exploration of the concept of responsible business by reflecting on how influence accumulates in organizations, and the role that financing and legal structures can play.

E057: An Introduction to Responsible Business

In this episode we discuss the concept of responsible business and explore the positive and negative impacts that organizations can have before sharing details of some groups looking to increase responsibility in business.

E048: The Gender Pay Gap

With Guests: Katy Murray and Fiona Smith

In this episode we discuss the gender paygap in the world of work with Katy and Fiona from the Catalyst Collective. We explore some of the reasons behind the paygap, and discuss some of the things that organizations can do to help reduce their paygaps.

E036: Organizational Maturity

With Guest: Stuart Woollard

In this episode, we broaden our discussion away from organizational culture and start to consider organizational impact and concepts of responsible business. Our conversation is with Stuart Woollard, an accountant, academic, managing partner of Organizational Maturity Services LLP and co-author of “The Mature Corporation“.

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