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The Episodes

E095: Nutrition for Work

With Guest: Dr. Laura Wyness

James and Jane are joined by Dr. Laura Wyness, a registered nutritionist, to speak about the role nutrition plays in work. The conversation explores what nutrition is, and how we can manage our nutrition to help improve our experiences of work.

The Episodes

E084: Stress Buckets

With Guest: Gin Lalli

James and Jane are joined by Gin Lalli to speak about stress, wellbeing and resilience, and the role of the stress-bucket as a tool for thinking about and managing our stress levels.

E082: Personal Development

In this episode James and Jane discuss their take on personal development. They reflect on why it matters for everyone and how you can think about it. They also share the thoughts behind and basics of their “think, feel, be, do” framework for thinking about personal development and growth.

E081: The ABC’s of Resilience

In this episode, James and Jane discuss a simple way to think about your mental health and wellbeing and some of the basic things you can do to improve your resilience.

E070: Job Crafting

In this episode we discuss the concept of Job-crafting and reflect on the three core ways in which people can craft their jobs. The list of the week is a discussion of David Graeber’s types of Bull-shit jobs. Presumably the people in these types of jobs would like to craft them…

E069: Career Transitions: Leaving the Infantry

With Guest: Darren Philipson

In this episode we are joined by Darren Philipson to speak about career transitions. The discussion covers his experience of moving on from the military and back into civilian life. The main focus of the podcast is on what significant transitions like this are like, and how to manage them more effectively.

E058: Career Narratives

In this episode we discuss the power of stories and the stories we tell ourselves both in society and in our work. We share the seven standard stories that exist, and consider what they mean in our worklives.

E055: Career Anchors

In this episode we discuss Edgar Schein’s 8 Career Anchors, a helpful tool for assessing your own career decisions and progression, as well as for considering the progression of individuals in your team. The list of the week covers lessons organizations can learn from the Career Anchors about how they lead their people.

E043: Personal Development Plans

In this episode we talk about how people can manage their own career development and self-improvement. We reflect on the importance of personal development plans and what good ones look like, as well as discussing some of the conflicts that exist between personal development and performance management in the world of work.

E042: Introduction to Mental Health

In this episode we discuss mental health and the role that it can play in our lives and the world of work. We report some powerful facts about mental health in the UK workplace before sharing the Mental Well-being vs Mental Illness matrix and the Mental Health Continuum Model.

E041: Self Regulation

In this episode we discuss what self regulation is, explore some theories of self regulation and ask if it’s possible to get better at regulating yourself. The list of the week sheds light on a self regulation questionnaire.

E040: Personal Effectiveness

In this episode we discuss different tools and approaches that people can use to become more effective at work. we reflect on the concept of “getting things done”, talk about the concept of time-blocking and the pomodorro technique and discuss the importance of “mindset”.

E039: Self Awareness

In this episode we discuss the concept of self awareness and why it’s important. We discuss the Johari Window, reflect on how you can improve self awareness and introduce the concept of Narrative Identity Theory.

E038: Happiness

In this episode we focus on happiness and discuss what it means, what countries are happy, what contributes to happiness, how happiness is measured and what happiness might mean for the workplace.

E037: Becoming a Coach

With Guest: Gillian McMichael

This bonus episode doesn’t fit with the core content of the series. In it we discuss the process of becoming a coach with Gillian McMicahel, an ICF Master Coach and founder of Full Circle Global, an international coaching consultancy.

E027: Habits

Episode 27 looks at the concept of Habits and the power that our habits can have over our behaviors. In the episode we discuss theories about habit formation as well as habit change.

E026: Goal Setting

Episode 26 looks at the concept of Goal Setting. In it we discuss what goal setting is and how setting goals can contribute to achieving behaviors and behavior changes. We focus on several core models of goal setting, and some critiques of goal setting. The list of the week is a seven step process to set good goals.

E025: Coaching for Behavior Change

With Guest: Gillian McMichael

This episode explores coaching, with a specific focus on how coaching can help change behaviors. It takes the form of an interview with Gillian McMichael, an ICF Master Coach and founder of Full Circle Global, an international coaching consultancy. We explore the coaching process and learn more about how it works.

E024: Motivation

In episode 24 we focus on Motivation, a key factor influencing behavior and a key tool for enabling behavior change. We discuss the difference between content and process theories of motivation and go on to explain several famous motivation models. The list of the week is John Adair’s eight basic rules of motivation.

E016: Resilience

Resilience follows on quite naturally from wellbeing, so we cover it in episode 16. Here we discuss resilience, accountability for wellbeing, stress and pressure. We share a way to measure resilience and some ways to be more resilient. The list of the week is 5 easy things you can do to help others be more resilient.

E015: Wellbeing

Episode 15 sees us discuss the concept of wellbeing. We reflect on what individuals and leaders should do to support wellbeing, and on its role in organizations and society. The list of the week covers five key activities that can improve wellbeing.

E010: The Change Curve

In episode 10 we discuss the key emotional stages that individuals go through when responding to a change, explore how leaders can help their employees through these stages and consider some of the major types of change people face at work.

E009: Personality Tests

In episode 9 we discuss personality testing, look at the history of the industry and explain some of the most common tests used at the moment. The list of the week is a five step process on how to run a useful personality activity in your team.

E005: Mentoring and Development Networks

In episode 5 we discuss mentoring and development networks and explore how you can create one for yourself as an individual as well as how to set up a mentoring network in an organization if you’re a leader.

E004: Personal Values

We think personal values are important, and in this episode we discuss what they are, why they are important and how they might differ from career values. They also reflect on a few specific values and share some exercises that may help you discover your own personal values.

E002: Emotional Intelligence

In episode 2 we discuss neuroscience, the “fight or flight” response, why emotions matter in the workplace and the five domains of of emotional intelligence, as well as sharing hints and tips on improving your emotional intelligence.

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