Seminars & Group Workshops.

We provide in-person or on-line seminars and group workshops on a wide variety of key topics to help individuals, leaders and teams develop in the world of work.

Seminars & Group Workshops.

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Our seminars are fast-paced training sessions that cover a lot of content, and signpost even more. They’re a great way to learn and think about important topics that help individuals become better leaders and managers in the world of work, or improve their own experiences and performance in the workplace.

Our group workshops are highly interactive sessions that combine classroom style learning with peer and discussion based learning. They’re a great way for teams or cohorts of peers to learn together. In them, participants share experiences and insights, focus of real challenges and learn to improve the workplace.


Our seminars always blend theory with practical insights and advice, and are a great way to help a group of participants learn about topics that are important in the world of work.

We believe in the power of bite-sized learning, and our seminars deliver just that. In sessions that last less than an hour, each of our seminars delivers a lot of helpful content in an engaging way, while still providing some interactive and peer-based learning.

To make sure we deliver the best learning experiences possible, we always use two facilitators to co-deliver our seminars. This doubles the experience we can share, raises energy levels and ensures more varied and engaging delivery.

As a matter of principle, we don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” solutions for the world of work. Instead, we believe in the ability of leaders and managers to adapt based on the context they are in, provided they have a range of knowledge and tools to hand. And it is this range of knowledge and tools that we share in our seminars.




Popular Seminar Topics.

Emotional Intelligence

This seminar explores what emotional intelligence is, why it matters in the world of work and how leaders and managers can help those around them be at their emotional best more often.

Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations are an essential part of leading and managing effectively. This seminar looks at why these conversations are hard to have, and details ways to be better at them.

Comms to Connect

This seminar looks at how leaders and managers can use powerful questions and effective listening to build strong, human connections with those around them and thus to create better teams.

Leading Change

The best leaders understand procedural, psychological and cultural aspects of leading change. In this seminar we introduce some concepts to help participants do just that.

Motivation at Work

Human motivations are fascinating, powerful shapers of our behaviours. In this workshop we explore some of the most influential theories of motivation that affect the world of work.

Leading Hybrid Teams

Hybrid working is here to stay. This seminar looks at the differences between managing hybrid and traditional teams, and shares practices for better hybrid management.

Group Workshops.

Our interactive, group workshops are masterclasses that introduce important new topics to participants through engaging classroom style learning, and help participants bring the concepts to life through activities and peer based learning.

As with our seminars, we always use two facilitators for our workshops. Having two voices leads to far more engaging sessions, and lets us share far more experience with each of the participants, particularly in question and answer sessions.

We know that powerful lessons are learned when individuals have the time to explore the real-life challenges they are facing with other peers, so we always make time for participants to share their insights and wisdom with each other.

As with everything we do, we combine theory and practical advice in our workshops, and share our thoughts as to how leaders and managers can develop as individuals and increase performance, engagement and wellbeing in their world of work.




Popular Workshop Topics.

Creating Psychological Safe Teams

Psychological safety is a core factor for successful teams. In this workshop we explore how to build trust, how to manage social threats and how to create a culture of psychological safety in your teams.

Shaping Feedback and Feedback Cultures

Organizations and teams with strong feedback cultures learn and develop more quickly than other teams. In this workshop we explore how we can create these cultures and all be better at feedback.

A Coaching Approach for Managers

Coaching is often far more effect than directing when it comes to achieving results in a team. This workshop looks at what coaching is, its benefits, and how to adopt a coaching approach as a manager.

Becoming and Authentic Leader

This workshop helps leaders and managers understand what authentic leadership actually is, why it matters and some of the things they can do to be more authentic at work.

Doing More at Work, by Doing Less

Many teams over-work, yet under-perform. In this workshop we help participants understand how to think about the demands that exist on their teams, and to challenge them effectively.

Improving Resilience & Wellbeing

When we look after ourselves we have better lives and are more productive and engaged in our work. This workshop looks at the pillars of wellbeing and helps participants manage their resilience.

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Great speakers, great vibe, excellent subject matter knowledge and super endearing facilitators left me feeling inspired to take action.

Seminar Participant

An excellent day! Really good ‘flow’ to the day. Engaging and helpful with all the elements linking well and topics changing at the right time.

Workshop Participant

James and Jane strike the perfect balance of taking it seriously and covering the info properly, without it being too heavy going or overwhelming. Bravo!

Senior Leader