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Coaching and Mentoring

Our highly experienced coaches and mentors from around the world provide online and face-to-face support for our clients. Each of our coaches brings a wealth of personal experience and the coaching and listening skills needed to help you achieve your goals be they to grow your business, challenge your strategy, transform your organization or develop as a person.

Our Approach

Senior Leadership Coaching

Our coaching and mentoring with Senior Leaders normally takes place face-to-face, and typically starts on a six month basis, with rolling three month engagements after the initial coaching period has completed. These...

New Manager Coaching

Our coaching and mentoring with New Managers uses a combination of face-to-face and telephone based coaching, mentoring and advisory conversations. These relationships typically start on a three month basis, with...

Our Coaches

James Carrier: Coach

James is a coach, trainer, facilitator and organizational change and development consultant. He specializes in helping leaders to improve the performance and engagement of their teams and to deliver change. As well as...

Jane Stewart: Coach

Jane is a coach, facilitator, mentor and leadership and strategy development consultant. As well as her coaching, leadership development and strategy experience, Jane has an economic history degree and is currently...

Lisa Schmidt M.Ed., ACPC: Coach

Lisa Schmidt Lisa Schmidt is a seasoned coach and leadership development expert, keenly interested in what fosters – and what hinders – personal and professional change and transition. Her primary area of...

Dr. R. Abdulrehman: Coach

Dr. Rehman Abdulrehman is a coach, consultant, speaker and mental health professional. He specializes in working with executives and c-suite leaders on their own development and leadership capability, as well as on...

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