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We provide a range of online seminars that are open to the public. These seminars last about an hour, provide a mixture of theory and practical advice and are designed to help individuals and leaders develop themselves and their teams.

As well as reading about the seminars below, you can review and register for any of our other, scheduled open, online seminars via our eventbrite page.

If you’d like us to deliver any of these seminars for your organisation, please simply email us or get in touch using the form at the end of this page.

Our Online Seminars

Our online seminars cover topics spanning personal, leader and team development. Specific seminars include:

Authentic Leadership

This online seminar shares the five key factors that when combined make up Authentic Leadership. As well as sharing the factors, the seminar explores what individuals can do to become more effective as authentic leaders.


This online seminar explores the difference between communicating to influence and communicating to inquire. As well as sharing theories and models of communication, seminar provides practical steps individuals and leaders can take to become more effective communicators.

Difficult Conversations

This online seminar explores how we can have difficult conversations more effectively. It covers providing constructive challenge, giving and receiving feedback and responding to push-back. As well as including insights into the psychology of difficult conversations, this seminar provides practical tips and models for use in the world of work.

Emotional Intelligence

This online seminar introduces the concept of emotional intelligence and explores each of the core pillars of emotional intelligence. As well as covering theory, this seminar provides practical advice for how individuals can improve their own emotional intelligence, and how leaders can build awareness and intelligence in their teams.


This online seminar looks at the role of empowerment and autonomy in successful teams. As well as exploring the psychology around these topics, and their role in motivation, this seminar shares practical advice on how to increase autonomy and empowerment within your team.

Feedback: Giving & Receiving

This online seminar explores the psychological aspects of giving and receiving feedback. It provides clear advice on how you can get better at receiving feedback, as well as effective models you can use to help you provide feedback more effectively. In addition, it explores what makes a great feedback culture, and how to introduce on into your team.

Individual Difference

This online seminar explores the nature and benefits of diversity for individuals and organizations. It also provides practical actions that leaders can take to create more inclusive working environments in which everyone can thrive.

Leading Change

This online seminar focuses on leading change. It focuses specifically on processes for leading organizational change and models for understanding personal psychological change. As well as theory, this seminar provides helpful learning points and actions that participants can use to deliver change more effectively and considerately.


This online seminar provides an introduction to motivation within teams. As well as covering several famous theories of motivation, it provides clear, practical advice for how leaders can improve motivation and performance within their teams.

Personal Development

This online seminar introduces our “Think, Feel, Be, Do” framework for personal development and shares key aspects of cognitive biases, emotional intelligence, personal values and personal effectiveness. This seminar helps you start your journey towards being a more aware, mindful and effective individual in the world of work.

Personal Values

This online seminar looks at what personal values are, and how they can contribute to successful, fulfilling experiences in the world of work. As well as theory, this seminar will guide you through how to discover and understand your own personal values and help you reflect on how personal values may influence your own, and others, behaviours.

Positive Psychology

This online seminar covers the background, benefits and key points of positive psychology and positive thinking. As well as the theory, it provides practical actions that individuals can take to increase their own positivity, as well as actions that leaders can take to increase the positivity of their teams.

Psychological Safety

This online seminar explores the benefits of psychologically safe places of work, and the factors that help to shape them. As well as psychological safety, this seminar discusses social threats and the power of trust. Practical advice and guidance for creating psychologically safe teams is also provided.

Remote Management

This online seminar explores the challenges of managing remotely and provides simple actions managers can take to help ensure their remote teams are engaged and performing well.

Remote Working

This online seminar explores the challenges individuals may face when working remotely and provides clear, practical advice to help participants overcome them.

Resilience & Wellbeing

This online seminar explores the relationships between stress, wellbeing and resilience in the world of work. It introduces the concepts of the “stress-bucket” and explains of the “ABC’s” of managing and improving your own resilience.

Learning More

To learn more about our online seminars, or to express interest in any specific topics, please simply email us or get in touch using the form below.

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