Group Coaching.

Coach led group conversations are a great to help you bring affordable coaching to groups of people facing similar challenges, such as new or aspiring managers in your organization.

Group Coaching

Coaching is a great way to support colleagues in their development. Many more senior leaders, particularly in the private sector, are provided with coaching support to challenge them, help them grow, help them achieve clarity and make decision and to help them remain at their best as they lead organizations.

Unfortunately, more junior colleagues in organizations often don’t get the chance to benefit from the support of coaching. Neither do many more senior leaders in not-for-profit organizations. Part of the reason for this is that one-to-one coaching, though hugely beneficial, can be expensive.

One great way to bring some of the huge benefits of coaching to your more junior colleagues or your not-for-profit organization is by introducing group coaching. To work well the participants in a group coaching programme should be at a similar stage of their career, so that they face challenges that they can all relate to.

About Group Coaching

Our cohort based group coaching programme is typically delivered to groups of 4-6 participants at a time. The programmes are made up of between six and 12, weekly, online group coaching sessions. The coaching sessions typically last between 60 – 90 minutes, and take place once a month.

These programmes are designed to participants progress the challenges they are facing, help them grow and develop as individuals and leader and to help them build stronger, connected relationships with each other.

Our small group approach means all participants get dedicated 1:1 coaching time, as well as the chance to listen to their peers and learn from each other. The sessions usually start with self-reflection, provocation or creative thinking before moving on to a series of micro-coaching conversations

Is this the programme for you?

If you’re an organization that would love to provide the benefits of group coaching to a cohort of colleagues, but don’t want to pay for full one-to-one coaching, then this programme would be excellent for you and your organization. Generally speaking programmes are most success when…

  • Organizations are looking to develop a cohort of individuals,
  • Participants have similar levels of experience and are facing similar challenges,
  • Participants are ready to invest in themselves and their own development,
  • Participants are given time and space to attend sessions (c. 60-90 minute / month), and
  • Leaders sponsor and support the group coaching programme.

About the Coaches

James is a facilitator and coach (ICF) who has been helping teams and leaders develop for more than 10 years. Most of his work focuses on helping improve the experiences that individuals and leaders have in the workplace.

He is also a chartered accountant, and spent the first decade of his career in practice and financial services. (

Jane led teams and organizations in the third sector for over 20 years, predominantly working in membership sports. She is now a facilitator and leadership and strategy development consultant.

She holds a master’s degree in organizational psychology, is a Fellow of the RSA and Trustee of LEAP Sports. (

A seasoned coach and culture transformation agent, Lisa partners with leaders to guide the conversations that advance strategic priorities—and bring people closer together—creating workplaces where people thrive.

She holds a MEd in Org. Change, an ICF PCC cert and supports non-profit leaders in the through through the Humanitarian Coaching Network. (

As a coach (ICF) and a facilitator, Mario delivers programmes that nurture better leaders and their teams. In his previous career, he spent 18 years working in research and innovation policy at the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Mario is a Chartered Scientist and a Fellow of the RSC. (

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