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Training Seminars

Online, instructor led training that helps individuals, leaders and organizations develop

Training Seminars

We deliver a range of online training seminars designed that help individuals, leaders and organizations develop. These seminars help participants learn important theories, as well as some practical advice and guidance. We deliver private seminars for organizations, and open seminars that are available to the general public.

Our online seminars are delivered using online meeting platforms (like Zoom). We usually deliver to groups of up to 30 participants. They last about an hour and are co-presented by two of our facilitators. Slides are used throughout our seminars, and key slides and support materials are shared with all participants at a later date.

Organizational clients tell us that our seminars help them train and develop their employees, change their cultures and ways of working and grow their leadership capability.

As well as our "off the shelf" seminars, we also produce bespoke seminars for some clients which help them address their specific organizational needs.

What Participants Say

"Great speakers, great vibe, excellent subject matter knowledge and super endearing facilitators left me feeling inspired to take action.”

”James was instrumental in driving the cultural change I wanted in my team. A great person to work with, with a great can do attitude.”

“After completing their program with Jane, the team were more autonomous in their work, ambitious in their development and reported feeling more valued. Great result.”

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To learn more about our online seminars, or to request a bespoke seminar, please inquire about our seminars.

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