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Communication and Connection in the World of Work

Seminar Overview

This one hour, on-line seminar focuses on the role that communications play within teams, and things that leaders can do to be more effective as communicators.

The seminar starts with a general introduction which covers why we communicate, who we communicate with and how we actually communicate.

We then go on to explore how we can be more effective at informing others through our communications, and how we can be better at influencing and persuading.

The next section of this seminar looks at the importance of inquiring and listening. We discuss what it feels like to be understood by others. We also reflect on how to be better at listening to others and building connections though questions.

What Participants Will Learn

  • How to communicate to inform more effectively,
  • Key principles of persuasion and influence,
  • The importance of asking questions,
  • How to be a better listener.

Who this Seminar is for

  • New leaders and managers who want to get better at communication,
  • Individuals and leaders looking to build stronger connections through communication.

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