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Feedback, Challenge and Difficult Conversations

Seminar Overview

This one hour, on-line seminar explores some of the more challenging conversations that leaders and new managers have. It provides clear and helpful training for individuals, managers and leaders in organizations.

The seminar starts with an exploration of why these conversations are important, and a high level exploration of “what good looks like” when it comes to difficult conversations.

We then talk about feedback. We explain why it is do difficult to deliver well, and share some models that you can use to help you deliver it more effectively.

The seminar moves straight on to explain the importance of constructive challenge, and how to do so well, before reflecting on how to deliver difficult messages and how to respond to resistance.

The conclusion of this seminar is a conversation about the importance of being able to receive feedback well, and some tips on how to be better at doing so.

What Participants Will Learn

  • Fundamentals of how to deliver feedback well,
  • How to lead difficult conversations,
  • A model for providing clear, structured challenge, and
  • How to get better at receiving feedback.

Who this Seminar is for

  • New leaders and managers who want to get better at providing feedback,
  • Leaders and managers who want to improve feedback and challenge in their teams,
  • Individuals who are interested in difficult conversations

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