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Innovating as a Team: Trying, Failing, Learning & Succeeding

Seminar Overview

This one hour, on-line seminar explores the various ways that teams can do to get better at what they do. We frame this seminar around four areas: Trying, Failing, Learning and Succeeding.

The seminar starts by exploring why we’re not always good at trying new things. We consider our thoughts and feelings, and the role that psychological safety plays. We also share some hints and tips for getting better at trying.

Next, we move onto failing. We discuss why it hurts, and what we can do to fail more gracefully and positively. We also explain how teams can use “experiments” to reduce some failure stigma.

Succeeding is covered next. Here we discuss the importance of celebrating our successes and how to build stories of success.

We conclude the seminar with a conversation about the importance of learning from both our failures and successes. 

What Participants Will Learn

  • The building blocks of successful innovation in teams,
  • How to introduce experiments into teams,
  • How to improve a teams ability to try new things and fail well,
  • How to get better at learning from success and failures,
  • How to celebrate success more effectively as a team.

Who this Seminar is for

  • Leaders and managers looking to improve their team’s ability to innovate,
  • New leaders and managers who are interested in how teams get better at things,
  • Individuals who are interested in personal innovation.

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