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Psychological Safety in the World of Work

Seminar Overview

This one hour, on-line seminar explores what people need from their work in order to be at their best more often.

It starts by explaining psychological safety, and the core things leaders can do to improve the psychological safety of their teams. We discuss the three key things leaders should do to improve safety, and share a set of leadership self-assessment questions.

The seminar goes on to discuss the concept of social threats. We explore five types of threat, the impacts that they can have on us as people and what leaders can do to reduce their prevalence and impact in the world of work.

The last core topic of the seminar is trust, which is brought to life through the “trust equation”. The section on trust is then concluded with some simple guidance on trust building actions we can all take to become more trustworthy in the workplace.

What Participants Will Learn

  • What psychological safety is,
  • Five types of social threats,
  • The building blocks of trust,
  • How to improve psychological safety and reduce social threats in their teams.

Who this Seminar is for

  • Leaders and managers who want to create more psychologically safe working environments,
  • Leaders and managers interested in causes of negative pressures in teams,
  • Individuals looking to learn more about trust and become more trustworthy.

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