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Remote Team Management: Six Pillars for Success

Seminar Overview

This one hour, on-line seminar leads participants through some of the important things that leaders and managers need to get right to lead remote teams effectively.

The seminar start by introducing the our six pillars of remote management, before going on to explore each in more detail.

Relationships are the first pillar discussed. The conversation explores how remote relationships differ to face to face ones, and how leaders should adjust accordingly.

The remainder of the seminar explores the following five pillars: Ways of working, Place, Routines, Communications and Tools and Technology. As each pillar is introduce we explore why it’s important, what good looks like and what simple things leaders and managers can do to lead well.

What Participants Will Learn

  • How remote management differs from face to face management,
  • Six core factors that affect remote management, and
  • How to be a better remote manager.

Who this Seminar is for

  • New leaders and managers who are managing remote teams,
  • Leaders and managers who are managing remote teams for the first time,
  • Individuals looking to step up to leadership or management of a remote team.

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