The Kemp instructional design model is a nine step process for planning training and development initiatives. It is more detailed than the ADDIE model, supporting both iterative design and development of support resources for learners.

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The Kemp Instructional Design Model

The Kemp instructional design model (also referred to as the Morrison, Ross and Kemp Model) is a nine step instructional design model. It builds on the five core stages of the ADDIE model, adding further depth to each area. These instructional design models can be helpful for supporting organizational development initiatives.

Diagram of the Kemp Instructional Design Model

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Stages of the Kemp Instructional Design Model

The model has nine stages. In the diagram below, we capture a bit more detail about each of those stages.

Learning More

You might enjoy reading our posts on the ADDIE instructional design model and the Dick and Carey instructional design model. We’ve also created a stub on Pedagogy and Andragogy.

The World of Work Project View

This model is fine and may be worth considering in conjunction with other models, such as the Dick and Carey model. The main way it differs from other models is through reminding designers to create support resources for trainers and learners to aid their development and learning.

It’s worth having a look through this model before delivering an initiative, but other models may be easier to use and similarly helpful.

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The work in this post is based on original work by Morrison, Ross and Kemp. You can read more in their book: “Designing Effective Instruction”.

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