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Recent Episodes

E117 – Agile Working (w/ Sathpal Singh)

James and Jane are joined by Sath to speak about all things agile. The conversation explores what Agile is, where it comes from and some of the practices used in Agile teams. As well as considering practical aspects of Agile, the conversation also focuses on culture. As a starting point for getting to know more about Agile, you might want to look at the original Agile Manifesto.

You can learn more about Sath here on LinkedIn, follow him on twitter and see his visual work here on Instragram. You can also join the Future of Work Scotland meetup group, and check out the Agile20Reflect festival on YouTube.

E116 – Evidence Based Management (w/ Rob Briner)

James and Jane discuss evidence-based management with Dr. Rob Briner, a Professor of Organizational Psychology and Scientific Director at the Center for Evidence-Based Management.

The conversation explores what evidence-based management is, processes to support it, sources of evidence and the benefits it brings. It also dives a bit more deeply into some of the factors that seem to make it hard for us to be more scientific in the social sphere, and what we might do about that.

E115 – Org Culture and Remote Working (w/ Ben Branson-Gateley)

James and Jane are joined by Ben, CEO of Charlie HR, to speak about organizational cultures. The conversation explores what cultures are, what shapes them, key levers we can use to influence them and how we need to think about them when working remotely. As ever, the discussion combines theory with practical advice for those in the world of work.

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