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Recent Episodes

E124 – Critical Perspectives on Diversity in Organizations

James and Jane are joined by Tom Calvard, from the University of Edinburgh’s Business School, to talk about some of the thoughts behind his book, “Critical Perspectives on Diversity in Organizations”.

The conversation explores how organizations approach diversity and inclusion, and how we might all be a bit better at doing so.

To learn more, you can also listen to Tom’s own podcast where he explores each chapter of his book in more detail.

E123 – Transitioning from High Control Groups (w Stephen Mather)

James and Jane are joined by Stephen Mather to speak about high control groups, and what it’s like to transition out of them. The conversation focuses on experiences in cult-like organizations, and and how individuals leaving them may experience moving on, and particularly their experiences of entering the workplace.

E122 – Fatigue, Sleep and Regenerative Activities (w/ Dale Whelehan)

James and Jane are joined by Dale Whelehan, a behavioural science research from Trinity College, Dublin to talk about sleep, fatigue and regenerative activities. The conversation explores Dale’s research in this area and covers the impacts of these factors on performance, as well as shedding great insight into recovery and regeneration.

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