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Our podcasts cover topics that can help create better workplaces and better working experiences for ourselves and others. You can listen to our podcast on your favorite player via the links above, or learn more about it in our introductory episode, below.


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Recent Episodes

E107 – Employee Experience and Choice (w Daan Van Rossum)

James and Jane are joined by former Olympian and Diplomat, Cath Bishop, to explore our concepts of winning, how they shape our organizations and how we can improve our cultures. The conversation explores Cath’s book, “The Long Win”, and focuses on the idea that it’s often better to aim for longer term wins, instead of short term ones.

E106 – Employee Experience and Choice (w Daan Van Rossum)

James and Jane are joined by Daan Van Rossum, Chief Experience Officer at Dreamplex, to talk about employee experience. The conversation explores what employee experience is, and focuses specifically on the increasingly important role that choice plays in shaping positive employee experiences.

E105 – Dignity & Work w Jonathan Kaufman

James and Jane are joined by Jonathan Kaufman to talk about what dignified work is like, and how work can bring dignity to our lived experiences. The conversation also explore how our experiences in work affect our relationships with our family, friends, neighbors and communities.

E104 – Holacracy (W/ Karilen Mays)

James and Jane are joined by Karilen Mays, who spent 7 years as a partner at HolacracyOne, to talk about Holacracy. The conversation explores what hierarchy and holacracy are, the benefits of holacracy, and what teams can do to learn more about and potentially implement these ways of working.

E103 – Anxiety (w/ Richard Mackinnon)

James and Jane are joined again by Dr. Richard MacKinnon, this time for a conversation about anxiety. In it we explore what anxiety is, how it works, some things we can do about it and how it relates to the world of work.

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