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The World of Work Project is striving to improve performance and engagement at work and through this to make the world a better, kinder, more rewarding, inclusive and fulfilling place in which to live.

We specifically look to make this happen in the following ways:

  • We freely educate and inform through our collective writing, podcasting, webinars and other freely available community activities.
  • We help leaders and individuals grow and develop through our coaching, training and speaking services.
  • We help organizations become more responsible and have more positive impacts through our consultation and advisory work.
  • We help shape the role of work in society through our research and public engagement.

Making Work Better

On average we now spend 90,000 hours at work in our lifetimes. When these experiences are good we have better, more fulfilling life experiences and are better friends, neighbors and members of our communities. We are also more productive and contribute more positively to our wider societies. When these experiences are not good, we have worse life experiences.

We believe that we can improve the world of work through a mixture of community action and engagement, education, training, coaching, leadership development, organizational development and social change.

Our Principles

Our objectives and our approach are founded on two core principles that underlie all of the work that we do, be it coaching, speaking, organizational change or leadership training and development.

1 – Improve Inclusion and Equality

Everyone is a human who should be included and afforded equal respect. We are all the products of our lives and our births, some of which have had more good fortune than others. Our outcomes in life are less in our own control than we believe, so it is wrong to judge others based on their station in life. Instead, we should be inclusive, equitable and humble.

We also believe that when people are included and treated with respect and dignity that they will have better lives, and contribute more to their organizations and societies.

2 – Reduce Suffering

The high points and the low points of our lives shape the quality of our lived experiences. While it’s possible to improve our experiences by raising the highs even higher, we think that a more beneficial impact can be achieved by raising the low points so they are no longer low. And here’s the thing: everyone has some low points, some suffering at work that can be alleviated, often through the creation of more inclusive, trusting and empowered ways of working.

We also believe that by addressing the factors that cause suffering at work, that we can materially improve engagement, performance, wellbeing and the contributions that individuals make to their organizations and societies.

Who We Are

The World of Work Project is a collaborative organization fortunate enough to have contributions from many people around the world who have written articles, contributed to podcasts, provided coaching, training, facilitation, consulting or speaking services or who have simply provided support along the way. You can read more about the excellent individuals who are supporting this project in various places on this website.

All these efforts are curated, coordinated and shepherded by James Carrier and Jane Stewart, who started working on this project in 2018 in Edinburgh. You can read more about James and Jane below.

James Carrier

James Carrier

James is a coach, trainer, facilitator and organizational change and development consultant.

As well as his certificate in advanced coaching practice from the ICF, James has a First class degree in economics, is a qualified Chartered Accountant and is a qualified project manager.

James spent the first half of his career delivering complex financial change programs in the financial services sector, and the second half delivering coaching and organizational and leadership development programs.

Jane Stewart

Jane Stewart

Jane is a coach, facilitator, mentor and leadership and strategy development consultant.

As well as her coaching, leadership development and strategy experience, Jane has an economic history degree and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in organizational psychology.

Jane spent the majority of her career creating and delivering successful change programs in membership sports organizations and charities, and now coaches and consults for a range of clients, primarily from the third sector.

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If you would like to learn more about who we are and what we do, please contact us.

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