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The World of Work Project

Leadership and management development for considerate organizations 


The World of Work Project

We are a community interest company dedicated to helping leaders and managers in considerate organizations grow and develop so that they create better outcomes for their organizations and more fulfilling places to work for their colleagues.

We believe that when individuals have good experiences in work, that they have better lives and that the organizations they work for are more productive.

We also believe that when people have good experiences at work that they are better family members, friends and neighbors. In this little way, we think that by helping improve the experiences of people in the world of work, that we help make the world a slightly better place. And that's our goal, a better world through better work.

Online Seminars & Workshops

We deliver a range of interactive, online, facilitator-led seminars and workshops that help individuals, leaders, teams and organizations develop. Each of the topics detailed on this page can be delivered as either a...

Connected Leadership: A WOW Development Programme

enquire for your organization Our Connected Leadership development programme is designed to develop your team’s leadership and management skills, as well as to improve their performance, engagement and connection...

About Us

The World of Work Project is striving to help people have better and more satisfying work lives. We do this because a satisfying worklife is a major contributor to an individuals quality of life. And in our view, a...

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