World of Work Project.

We are a community interest company dedicated to democratizing management and leadership learning and personal development.

We find joy in helping considerate organizations improve their management and leadership capability, team performance and colleague experience and wellbeing.

What we do.

We deliver development programmes that improve leadership & management capability and colleague performance and engagement.

Our training seminars and masterclass workshops cover on a wide variety of key topics to help individuals, leaders and teams develop.

We provide coaching that helps teams and individuals overcome challenges, find solutions and improve performance and engagement.

Looking for something bespoke?

We also provide consultancy and bespoke solutions. Get in touch to see how we can help.

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About us.


We are unashamedly passionate about democratizing management and leadership learning and personal development. We love helping well-meaning leaders and organizations improve their performance and create more fulfilling working experiences for their colleagues.


We have decades of experience working in leadership and team development and bring a strong track record of successfully helping a variety of organizations and individuals improve their performance and engagement.


We are not a typical corporate consultancy. We exist to improve the experiences of those in work, not our shareholders. We think differently, we behave differently and we prioritse differently. We are different.

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What people say.

“I have been really impressed with the programme. We have all loved it and got a huge amount out of it – Bravo!”

Managing Director

“Great speakers, great vibe and excellent subject matter knowledge left me feeling inspired to take action.”

Senior Leader

“My recent conversation was an excellent coaching session, the best conversation I’ve had this year.”


Open resources.

As a community interest company we share many, free resources to help improve the world of work.

Our podcasts are a great way to learn about key topics and theories that will help you become a better leader, manager or individual performer in the world of work.

Our articles introduce readers to a wide range of important topics from the worlds of management theory and organizational psychology.

Our monthly, free, on-line seminars cover topics we think really help, and can be attended by anyone, wherever they are in the word.

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