Culture for Scale-ups.

We help scale-up organizations understand and evolve their culture as they grow.

Evolving Culture as you Scale.

The importance of having a healthy organizational culture become clearer as your organization grows.

Smaller, start-up organizations typically have cultures shaped by their leaders and founders, who have direct working relationships with all the employees in the organizations. However, as organizations start to scale up and new layers of management, locations, functions or products are introduced, these leaders and founders start be removed from some of their colleagues. As this happens, organizational cultures often change leading to confusion and conflict within and between teams.

Luckily, it’s possible to understand, evolve and embed your culture as you scale-up so that it remains a competitive advantage for you as you grow.

How we can help

We typically work with scale-up organizations over a number of months to help them understand and capture what their culture is like when they are at their best, reflect on the how they would like their culture to be in the future and embed changes within their organization to help bring this evolving culture to life.

As with all our work, we take a highly inclusive and co-creative approach to what we do, ensuring that all employees have a voice in the process.

Learning more and working with us

Check out our pdf on evolving culture as you scale to learn more.