Connected Leadership.

Human-focused, leadership and management development

Our Connected Leadership programme combines online workshops, peer learning sessions, independent learning and personalised coaching. It helps leaders and managers develop the skills, tools and practices and confidence they need to lead in a human focused way.

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Do you want to develop high performing teams while also creating a great place to work?

If so, Connected Leadership is for you.

It’s specifically designed for leaders who are passionate about creating both high performing teams and great places to work.

Many people are promoted into management and leadership roles without receiving the training and support needed to create successful, engaged teams. People and teams are complex and getting the most out of them while creating rewarding, fulfilling places to work isn’t easy.

If your managers and leaders are motivated to learn, grow and try new things to overcome these challenges and to create great places to work, then we’re here to help.

What’s our approach to leadership and management development?

Check out this video to learn more about our thoughts on management and leadership development – we recorded it in February 2022.

What does this programme cover?

Connected Leadership is a programme of two parts. Part 1 focuses on the psychology and social science of high-performing teams. Part 2 explores effective management tools and practices.

Participants on the programme will:

  • Understand the psychology and social science behind high-performing teams
  • Learn the steps needed to create great cultures and ways of working
  • Discover best practice management tools to improve effective team leadership
  • Develop self awareness and shape more fulfilling careers

How much does it cost?

An in-house delivery of this programme for a private cohort of participants starts at £9,750 for organizations. We also deliver this programme as an “open programme” at times which anyone can attend. The standard cost for the programme is £975 per participant.

We offer discounts for small or not-for-profit organizations and for individuals who are self-funding.

Example Timelines

This programme contains about 25 hours of training and development and is typically delivered over a 6-9 month period when delivered in-house.

Our open programmes are usually delivered sightly faster, over about 4 months. For example, the 2022 Connected Leadership Open Programme delivered between March and July 2022. The delivery schedule for the 2022 open programme is below for reference.

What People Say

We get great feedback on the programmes, seminars and workshops we deliver.

After completing their work with Jane, my team were more autonomous in their work and ambitious in their development. They also reported feeling more valued. Great result.

Senior Leader

James and Jane make such a great pairing and I have been really impressed with our team development  programme. My team have all loved it and got a huge amount out of it. 

Managing Director

Next Steps

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If you have any questions or work like register yourself or your team for the programme, please arrange a call or contact us using the links below.

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