Team Development Sessions.

We provide group development sessions that help teams and organizations learn, grow and connect.

Help your team thrive

We deliver a range of training and development sessions and workshops that leaders and managers can use to help their teams grow, develop and connect with each other. Whether you’re looking for great content for your annual away day, or ongoing support as you grow and evolve your team, we’re here to help.

As a community interest company, we’re always focused on our core purpose of improving our experiences in the workplace. We know that when we have better experiences in the world of work that we’re more productive and happier, have better lives and help our organizations and communities prosper.

How we help teams develop

Improving psychological safety in teams is one of the best ways to improve colleagues experience and team performance. Within our organization we have accreditation to deliver the “Fearless Organization” psychological scan, and we have a bespoke development programme designed to help leader improve the psychological safety within their teams.

Hybrid and remote working brings a host of new challenges for individuals, managers and organizational leaders. There are no simple answers to these challenges, but there are things that we can do, starting with increasing our understanding of how hybrid and remote working affects performance, group dynamics and wellbeing. From these building blocks, we can make changes to the ways that we work, manage and lead.

These workshops help your team members develop a deeper level of self awareness, and a better understanding of their own and others’ personal values.

Self-awareness helps us to navigate the world of work in a more intentional, helpful and fulfilling way, regardless of the work we do or our position in an organization. The better we are able to understand what drives and motivates us, and the types of things that might derail us, the better able we are to behave in ways that are more helpful to us and those around us.

We believe that coaching is a great way to help people develop. As well as 1:1 coaching, we provide group coaching for organizations. These programmes are for cohort of participants facing similar challenges. They consist of six to 12 online group coaching sessions, each lasting about 75 minutes.

Facilitators and consultants

James is a facilitator and coach (ICF) who has been helping teams and leaders develop for more than 10 years. Most of his work focuses on helping improve the experiences that individuals and leaders have in the workplace.

He is also a chartered accountant, and spent the first decade of his career in practice and financial services.

Jane led teams and organizations in the third sector for over 20 years, predominantly working in membership sports. She is now a facilitator and leadership and strategy development consultant.

She holds a master’s degree in organizational psychology, is a Fellow of the RSA and Trustee of LEAP Sports.

Joe has extensive experience of leading global, virtual and matrix teams. Her main areas of expertise are leadership development, motivation & influencing skills.

She is doctoral student & lecturer in the Dept. of Organizational Psychology at Birkbeck University and accredited as a Senior Practitioner Coach by EMCC.

A seasoned coach and culture transformation agent, Lisa partners with leaders to guide the conversations that advance strategic priorities—and bring people closer together—creating workplaces where people thrive.

She holds a MEd in Org. Change, an ICF PCC cert and supports non-profit leaders in the through through the Humanitarian Coaching Network.

As a coach (ICF) and a facilitator, Mario delivers programmes that nurture better leaders and their teams. In his previous career, he spent 18 years working in research and innovation policy at the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Mario is a Chartered Scientist and a Fellow of the RSC.

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