Personal Values Workshops.

Team development workshops to help you and your colleagues identify, share and discuss your personal values.

Personal Values

Self-awareness helps us to navigate the world of work in a more intentional, helpful and fulfilling way, regardless of the work we do or our position in an organization. The better we are able to understand what drives and motivates us, and the types of things that might derail us, the better able we are to behave in ways that are more helpful to us and those around us.

Identifying our own personal values is a great way to build our self-awareness. When we understand our values, not only are we better able to navigate our interactions with others at work, we’re also better placed to make decisions that feel good to us.

While understanding our own personal values brings lots of benefits, understanding the personal values of those around us in our teams is even more powerful. In our team based personal values workshops we help teams do exactly that. The process of exploring, discussing and sharing our personal values with our colleagues is great way to deepen not only our self-awareness, but also our understanding of our colleagues. In turn, this strengthens our connections, relationships and ability to work together as a high performing team.

Are these workshops for you?

These workshops are great for teams that are ready to learn more about themselves and each other.

The teams and individuals who get the most out of these sessions are open, communicative and already have a foundational level of self awareness and interest in team dynamics and interpersonal relationships.

These sessions are particularly helpful for teams where there is a fair level of inter-dependency, where colleagues are already working in a connected way with each other.

Though these sessions can be delivered to larger or smaller groups, we find that these sessions work best for groups or teams of between 8 and 16 participants.

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