Group Coaching.

Coach led group conversations to help you develop your career though reflection, sharing, listening, challenge and peer based learning.

Develop your Career

Building your career involves several different tactics, two of which we are all familiar with: enhancing your professional profile through ongoing development (formal or informal), plus building and staying connected with your network.

What’s less talked about (but possibly the most important) is stretching yourself out of your comfort zone to fully realize your potential and your professional aspirations. Doing this on your own takes a lot of courage. Doing it with others, with the support of thoughtful coaching and community building boosts not only your confidence but moves you to action towards meaningful goals you set for yourself.

If you are ready to take the next step towards a work life that is aligned with your values, uses your strengths and satisfies your desire to make a contribution beyond where you are now, please sign up and join us for this six-week program that will allow you to develop and enhance your relationship to work and grow the career you most want and deserve.

About This Programme

This programme is made up of six, weekly, online group coaching sessions and is designed to help you develop your career.

Group coaching is a great way to explore your challenges, learn from your peers, grow and develop yourself and take your career to the next level.

Our small group approach means all participants get dedicated 1:1 coaching time, as well as the chance to listen to their peers and learn from each other.

We also ensure that all coaching sessions have at least two coaches present, giving you a range of support, guidance and challenge.

Each of our sessions are defined by a question we ask you in advanced, which shapes the flow of our conversations.

Is this the programme for you?

You are 100% in the right place if you are a leader of people or project with at least two years of experience and:

  • You have far more to contribute to your role than you do now,
  • You want to evolve in your career but are unsure of next steps,
  • You are ready to make a commitment to yourself to move towards action in service of a more fulfilling work life,
  • You want to share this journey of growth and development with others,
  • … and you want to have some fun and connect with new people along the way.

What else will you get?

This program will give you all of this plus more. Participating in this program means you will:
  • Connect with peers who share similar experiences, and aspirations,
  • Experience the powerful impact of coaching from four experienced coaches,
  • Create a roadmap and action plan for next steps to accelerate your path to career satisfaction, and
  • Build forward momentum (with loads of support) to step past the obstacles that have kept you from acting.
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About the Coaches

James is a facilitator and coach (ICF) who has been helping teams and leaders develop for more than 10 years. Most of his work focuses on helping improve the experiences that individuals and leaders have in the workplace.

He is also a chartered accountant, and spent the first decade of his career in practice and financial services. (

Jane led teams and organizations in the third sector for over 20 years, predominantly working in membership sports. She is now a facilitator and leadership and strategy development consultant.

She holds a master’s degree in organizational psychology, is a Fellow of the RSA and Trustee of LEAP Sports. (

A seasoned coach and culture transformation agent, Lisa partners with leaders to guide the conversations that advance strategic priorities—and bring people closer together—creating workplaces where people thrive.

She holds a MEd in Org. Change, an ICF PCC cert and supports non-profit leaders in the through through the Humanitarian Coaching Network. (

As a coach (ICF) and a facilitator, Mario delivers programmes that nurture better leaders and their teams. In his previous career, he spent 18 years working in research and innovation policy at the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Mario is a Chartered Scientist and a Fellow of the RSC. (

Costs, Dates and Logistics

This pilot programme start on the 23rd of June at 4pm UK time. There will be one online, group coaching session each week for six weeks, with the last session on the 28th of July. The session dates are: 23 June, 30 June, 07 July, 14 July, 21 July and 28 July.

Sessions will take place using Zoom, and will not be recorded.

There may be a small piece of pre-work before a session. This will usually be a small exercise to complete, an article to read or a video to watch.

To register your interest for this programme, pleasd click on one of the “register your interest” links and complete the information on the registration form. We’ll then get in touch.

This pilot programme costs £75GBP per participant, a 90% saving on the full cost of £750 per participant. All fees received from this pilot programme will be donated to Street League, a UK charity that uses the power of sport to tackle poverty and give young people the opportunities they need to succeed in life and the workplace.

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We can also deliver the our Group Coaching programme ‘in-house’ as a private programme for client organizations.

Contact us for more details.