Connected Management.

A human-focused, management development programme.

Helping managers develop the skills, knowledge, tools and confidence to lead thriving, high-performing teams in a human-focused way.

The programme was full of useful information, tips and tools to take away and use. The information is always presented clearly with a real focus on how you can practically implement and use it in your own work situation. Highly recommended.

CM Participant, 2023

Invest in your managers and improve team performance.

Investing in your managers can fundamentally transform and improve your organization. Organisations with effective, human-focused managers materially outperform organizations with poorly skilled and under invested-in managers in many ways. Effective human focused managers improve:

  • Employee engagement and wellbeing,
  • Employee retention and attraction,
  • Employee growth and skills development,
  • Collaboration and inter-team working,
  • Creativity, problem solving and innovation, and
  • Overall individual, team and organizational performance.

Our Connected Management programme helps managers develop the skills, knowledge, tools and confidence to become human focused managers.

As well as delivering Connected Management as an open cohort programme, we can deliver it as a private, internal programme for your organization if you have 8 or more participants that you would like attend.

Our Philosophy.

We believe that the real world is a complex and messy place, especially where people are involved. We don’t believe that there are simple solutions to many of the challenges managers face, nor we we believe that there are single models that are universally applicable that will make you a great manager.

Instead, we believe that becoming a great manager involves improving your self-awareness and developing a rounded understanding of the psychological and social foundations on which great individual and team performances are built. Once you’ve done this, you can learn tools and management practices that you can apply to achieve your management objectives, while helping yourself and those around you be at your best.

Our management development approach is anchored in helping participants explore evidenced based, practically applicable theories and models through self reflection, conversation, peer based activities and in team experiments.

At our core, we believe that helping participants grow as people helps them grow as managers, so this is what we aim to do.

What does this programme cover?

This programme is made up a 1.5h online welcome session and 9, 2.5-hour, online group workshops, independent learning activities and an opening and closing one-to-one coaching conversation with one of our facilitators. The programme is usually delivered with the workshops taking place either weekly or fortnightly. Participants get access to session recordings and tools and resources on a dedicates secure web page that they can access for six months after the programme completes.

This programme constantly evolves and changes as we respond to our participants. Below is the current modular structure we head into the programme with.

1. Programme Launch

2. Managing & Leading Teams

3. Emotional Intelligence

4. Interpersonal Dynamics

5. Psychological Safety

6. Team Culture & Hybrid Management

7. Designing & Delegating Work

8. Communication for Managers

9. Feedback & Celebrating Success

10. Coaching for Managers

Want to learn more about the content?

Below is a PDF you can access to learn more about the  2024 Connected Management programme.

Who is it for?

Our Connected Management programme is designed for organisations who really care about their people and want to create a great place to work where employees feel fulfilled and where performance is high.

The programme content and activities are best suited to new or middle level managers who have direct line management responsibility for one or two layers of employees, or who lead projects of work within organizations. The programme can also bring great benefit for aspiring or soon-to-be managers, provided they have several years of work experience and the ability to reflect on their time in the workplace.

The participants who get the most out of this programme bring a positive attitude to learning, a desire to grow and develop as managers and a willingness to try new ways of doing things. They also know that developing as a manager might require them to change and develop as a person along the way.

We deliver this programme to participants from the public, private and third sector, and from a range of business types and functions. Participants often benefit from learning from and with peer level managers in other organizations.

How much does it cost?

As a community interest company, we use a  tiered pricing model. This means we charge larger organisations more, so that we can ensure affordable prices for smaller, not-for-profit or profit-for-purpose organisations.

2024 is Connected Management programme is £1100 per participantWe operate a sliding scale of pricing so smaller, not-for-profit organizations and self-funding individuals all pay 10-40% less

Where organizations would like to send 9 or more participants on our Connected Management programme, we recommend a private, in-house programme, which we can provide.

2024 Open Cohort Timelines.

As in other years, we will be running at least two cohorts of our open cohort in 2024. The first confirmed 2024 will kick off in April on Thursday mornings (UK Time). We expect to run a second cohort in April in the afternoons (UK time), meaning participants from a wide range of time zones can take part within their working hours.

Cohort 1 (UK AM)

Cohort 1 will have sessions at 09:00 AM, UK time. The schedule session for this cohort is as below:

S1 – 18 April: Programme Launch

S2 – 25 April: Managing & Leading Teams

S3 – 02 May: Emotional Intelligence

S4 – 09 May: Interpersonal Dynamics

S5 – 186May: Psychological Safety

S6 – 23 May: Cultures & Hybrid

S7 – 06 June: Designing & Delegating

S8 – 13 June: Communication for Managers

S9 – 20 June: Feedback & Success

S10 – 27 June: Coaching for Managers

Cohort 2 (UK PM)

Chort 2 TBC

S1 – April: Programme Launch

S2 – April: Managing & Leading Teams

S3 – May: Emotional Intelligence

S4 – May: Interpersonal Dynamics

S5 – May: Psychological Safety

S6 – May: Cultures & Hybrid

S7 – une: Designing & Delegating

S8 – June: Communication for Managers

S9 – June: Feedback & Success

S10 – une: Coaching for Managers

What People Say.

We get great feedback on this programmes. Here are some of the nice things people have said about it.

After completing their work with Jane, my team were more autonomous in their work and ambitious in their development. They also reported feeling more valued. Great result.

Senior Leader

“It has been a wonderful experience and has inspired me to continue to create safe and fun work environments that are inclusive, supportive, and high functioning.”


“I am really excited about the positive response I’ve received from my team when implementing  some of the great ideas I’ve been exposed to in this programme’s workshops.”


“James and Jane make such a great pairing and I have been really impressed with our team development  programme. My team have all loved it and got a huge amount out of it.”


Next Steps

You can read more the Connected Management programme by downloading the brochure below.

If you have any questions or work like register yourself or your team for the programme, please arrange a call or contact us using the links below.