Free Team Seminars.

As a community interest company we deliver one, free, online seminar each month to a small,  not-for-profit or profit-for-purpose organization.

Our Free Team Seminars.

We deliver one, free, online seminar each month for a team in a small organization (less than 100 people), a not-for-profit organization or a “profit-for-purpose” organization. There are 4 different online seminars that you can chose from.

We do this because, as a CIC, we’re trying to improve the experiences individuals have in work. We also do it because we really enjoy what we do and like meeting and working with new people and teams!

We love working with teams in Scotland where we are based, but are very happy to work with teams anywhere in the world. If you’d like us to provide a free, online seminar for your team, please just get in touch with us using the form below.

What do our participants say?

Great speakers, great vibe, excellent subject matter knowledge and super endearing facilitators left me feeling inspired to take action.


Really practical advice and guidance that I was able to apply straight away in interactions with staff I line manage and work side by side with.


James and Jane are easy to listen to, and their different career experiences mean that what they discuss is relevant whether you’re working in a corporate behemoth or a small business.


James and Jane make such a great pairing too – they have really good chemistry and strike the perfect balance in the sessions of taking it seriously and covering the info properly, without it being too heavy going or overwhelming. Bravo!


The material was not what I expected because it was even better than I imagined, and I expected good content. It was so robust, and so considered from all kinds of angles and impacts.


Great session, relaxed but professional and good to hear personal reflections rather than purely scripted, theoretical content as I’ve experienced in some similar webinars.


Our 2023 Team Seminars

We have identified 4 different topics that we can cover in our free, team seminars in 2023. All of our our seminars are fast paced and engaging and include theory, practical application and top tips so you and your team can not only learn the content, but start to bring it to life in your own world of work.

You can learn a bit more about each optional topic below, or contact us for more information.

Leadership & Management.

To lead and manage well in the current world of work, we need to adopt human focused approaches that help us look after ourselves and our people, and which create cohesive, rewarding environments to work in.

In this seminar, we share three key ways of thinking about our leadership and management that set a great foundation for human management.

Emotional Intelligence.

In 1995, Daniel Goleman published his famous book “Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ“, which launched the concept of emotional mainstream into the mainstream world of work.

In this seminar, we explore what emotional intelligence is and share the core domains that comprise it. We go on to reflect on how we can improve our own emotional intelligence and self awareness.

Trust & Social Threats.

In this online seminar, we dive into some of the key factors that affect the strength and quality of our interpersonal relationships.

We start by exploring what trust is, and the building blocks of trust. We then move on to looking at social threats, understanding their five domains and exploring how they affects us in the world of work.

Better Feedback.

Feedback is a topic that we get asked about a lot.

In this seminar we look at the power of feedback cultures and how, if we start to learn how to get better at receiving and requesting feedback ourselves, we can really make good use of this hugely powerful too. We do also share some models for providing feedback, but the focus of this session is really on how we can get better at receiving it.