Good communications should be accurate, brief and clear.

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The ABC’s of Communication

There are many different “ABC” models of communication available. Our version simply says that when creating good communications ensure accuracy, brevity and clarity. It’s as simple as ABC.

In light of the guidance, we won’t say any more!

Sometimes keeping things simple is best.

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Learning More

You might enjoy learning about Enterprise Social Networks or common language in the workplace. Of course, words alone don’t do much. Tone and body language have a huge role to play in most communications.

The amount of information we convey should be governed by chunking limits. And it’s good to follow the 7s of communication, as well as the ABCs of communication. You might also like these 10 basic rules for better presentations.

To learn more broadly about communications, you might enjoy our introductory podcast on the subject:

The World of Work Project View

This is a nice little aide-memoire, but of course it really depends on the overall purpose of your communication as well as on the nature of your audience. So while this is a nice little model to know, it’s not something that should always be used.

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