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Metacognition is the process of thinking about how you think. It’s a form of self-awareness. By understanding how you think and make decisions, you can think more clearly, make better decisions and avoid negative influences on your thinking patterns.

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Metacognition is the name given to the process of thinking about your thinking. It’s a specific form of self-awareness focused on though processes and decision making.

Being aware of your thoughts and how they form is helpful.

Metacognition allows people to not just understand their current thought processes, but also allows them to learn about how their thought processes form and develop, and the types of things that influence them.

Metacognition is a helpful skill because it can help people understand and overcome the cognitive biases they might have and the cognitive errors they might make. It’s increasingly important in a world where individuals and organizations set out to influence the decision making processes of others through activities such as nudging, choice architecture or simply persuasive techniques.

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We think that developing an understanding of your thinking process is important. The more you know about how you think and make decisions, the better you will be at doing so. Perhaps more importantly, the less possible it will be for others to manipulate your thinking process for their own ends. It’s worth spending some time reflecting on your thinking processes and learning about thinking and decision making.

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