Eudaimonia: A Simple Introduction


Eudaimonia is an historic Greek phrase that loosely translates as flourishing, living well or fulfilling your true nature. It [...]

Eudaimonia: A Simple Introduction2021-08-03T16:27:18+00:00

Self-talk: A Simple Introduction


Self-talk is the name given to the inner monologues which most people have. This inner narration comments on our [...]

Self-talk: A Simple Introduction2021-08-13T07:15:44+00:00

Sludge: When Nudging is Nefarious


Sludge is the name given to the act of using nudge theory to achieve dubious objectives. Summary by The [...]

Sludge: When Nudging is Nefarious2021-08-03T15:27:53+00:00

The Peak-End Rule: A Cognitive Bias


The Peak-End rule says that an individual’s assessment of an experience is affected by two key things. It is [...]

The Peak-End Rule: A Cognitive Bias2021-08-02T15:01:50+00:00
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